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Last Meal

What do you want your last meal to be?

Answers (243)

  • Жыриновскава и тут же вытошнить.....
  • Pepperoni, mushrooms, olives and green peppers. The same thing I want chiseled on my Toooombstone.
  • No meal at all. I'd rather die empty.

    I am so full right now, and all I had was tea! I don't know how that happened. Usually, I feel nothing after drinking tea or coffee, not FULL!

    It is the weirdest sensation to me, that's all.

    If I posted a good meal, I would read over it later and feel as though I needed to go out and eat it right away. You see, I am a food addict. A food addict is all that I will ever be. I love food, I would eat any kind of food as my last meal as long as it tastes like what it is supposed to be, i.e. I hate when I drink coffee and it tastes like spinach (that actually happened to me once).

    I weighed 117.8 when I last checked around 6pm where I am. YAHOO!! I am right on target with my goal weights. The hard part will be tomorrow I think, because I have my doubts as to whether I have that much water weight left to lose. When it is actual fat that is going, that's when it will go back to a pound or less a day. I dread those days when I don't see the number drop so rapidly. I also cherish them because I know that I am still making progress and at least losing something.
  • Something with lots of cheese in it. Cheesecake for dessert, and probably something pasta-ish with lots of ricotta cheese for the meal. Nommy. 

  • A gobstopper 3 miles in diameter!

    That is a tough one.  More than likely it would be roast beef, dumplings, sour kraut, potato dumpling soup, and a nice strawberry daquri.  If the restraunt is still in business it would all be from Bohiemian Cafe.  That is the best place to eat and a landmark for my family.  If I can't get that, then lasagna with extra motz.  Yummy!

  • Your MOTHER. ...Kidding. <3 I think Chocolate. Damn good stuff. XD
  • Haggis. That way, I know I won't die until I try haggis first, which for me will mean immortality.
  • Chimichangas From my fave Restuarant and Enchiladas! ...Oh and Baked Spaghetti!..And home made Pineapple Ice cream with Home made Chocolate cake like my mom makes!...Thats the McAwesomeSauce...
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