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What's your favorite thing to order for takeout (or takeaway)?

Answers (258)

  • I'm partial to gyoza and teriyaki chicken from Seyo Sushi. <3
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Veggie Rice!! and Won Ton Soup!
  • It's not that I ran out of ideas to write. It's more for the fact that i don't want to watch yet another endless sitcom unfold in a you-never-would-have-guessed-it-will-end-this-way sitcom. so right now, sitting on my chair, lightly sipping Trader Joe Organic green tea that my friends did not want anymore, I am trying to recall what was my last take out or take away food was. Staring at the cup gave no answer either because I can never pick a favorite really. So i will just list them all. In no particular order, here it is: Chili French Fries from Thai It is just normal french fries tossed in vinegar, sugar and some chili powder. so that mixture is all sweet and sour-y yet crunchy and crackling-ly spicy. For only $3.25, it is a nice surprise to find that your tongue will go in an adventure. Unagi Roll from Kiki's Sushi The unagi is fatty and is laid together with julienne of cucumber and crab meat mixed with mayo. it is wrapped in a bed of rice and nori and topped with avocado and a sprinkle of sesame for garnish. The Unagi was fatty and flavorful with teriyaki sauce. the cucumber is fresh and smooth in texture. The whole roll was only about $5.25 so i had not felt the guilt. Home Style Roasted Potato with Herbs from Crepe Vine I love potatoes by itself whether it is boiled, fried, roasted or saute. but Crepe Vine roasted the potatoes in olive oil and spread with rosemary and other fine herbs. it's just hard to stop munching. they left the potato skins on and made it a bit crunchy, just the way i like it. for $3 a box, it is so worth it. Vietnamese Sandwich from Little Paris Crunchy hard outside of the french bread but soft and white inside is perfect together with marinated beef slices, parsley, tomato and onions. it used to be $2.50 but has not become $3.00 it is still better than Subways in my opinion. Scallion Bread from Napoleon Bakery The traditional chinese bread. it is soft, sweet and moist. every bite is laced with scallion and butter, a nutty taste. the bread practically melts in your mouth. and for only $.80 this could turn into a staple. Maby of their bread is good too like the shred pork on top of bread, mexican bread, baked pork bun, tomato hot dog bread and even the curry filling bread or chicken cheese bread or fried fish bread is good, i seem to always choose scallion bread over the others. Cho's Special Roast on Salad from USF Deli I dont know about a lot of people hating on school's cafeteria food but i love Cho's Special Roast Salad. It's basically roast sirloin steak with his special sauce and tossed together with lettuce, cucumber, mandarin slices, avocado, sesame dressing and some fried noodle pieces just seem to make my day. i know salad is just a bunch of leaves mixed in with other leaves but this box full of leaves makes my stomach full in a jiffy. i can eat this everyday. the trick is the sweet mandarin slivers and the sesame sauce.
  • Orange chicken and white rice! :3
  • It really depends on the food. And especially since my diet is so restricted. AND Jason being a chef...currently...we really try to eat at home due to it being economical and his food tastes better than most restaurants anyway...so why pay someone to cook food we could make better at home?

    If its pizza...I'm a thin crust, pineapple, onions and extra cheese kinda a gal..and have thusly trained my kids to be the same. Thin crust is the only kind I can manage. We maybe get pizza once every 3rd month. It's rare anymore simply becuz its so expensive AND I can't really eat it.

    However..Chinese...is the ultimate take out food in my books. We maybe get Chinese once every 2 months or so. In which case:

    Crab rangoons aka Food of the Gods

    Hot and sour soup (rarely but sometimes)

    Sweet and Sour Chicken (for the kids)

    Shrimp Egg Foo Young (for me)

    And some sort of seafood conglomerations (for Jason)

    White or shrimp fried rice

  • Chinese... *Nom Nom Nom* if only there was a dimsum place out here, omg i would be in heaven. actuly.. i wonder what kind of a market woud be out here for that. or how i would get the Real chefs out here to cook it. as in people that know what they are doing because if i thought i could make it fly by cooking everything my self then i would but i can't. at least not on an industrial scale. i have enugh issues getting my ass to the store to get what i need to make my own. oh.. there was a topic? right, i r be loving my Chinese food. :3 there's a great place out in South B that my dad goes to for me and my mom. :3 *dreams the dreams of nom's.*
  • Ribs, fried clams, fish, and pizza I can get all of them at the same place!
  • Indian...mmmm nan

  • Indian, definitely lol XD
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