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Significant Choices

If you had to choose between your friends and your significant other, who would you choose?

Answers (234)

  • а почему нам всегда надо кого то выбирать лишая себя .....
  • а у меня нет ни настоящих друзей ни спутника так что выбираю работу.....

  • спутника! я его уже давно выбрал :)
  • My significant other. We're a couple and best friends for years. He's my family. Of course I'd choose him.
  • My friends of course! Guys will come and go, a good friend will be there for you forever. No guy is worth a friendship lost.
  • I can't imagine a boy going through as much with me or for me that my friends have. Forever and always them.
  • Def your friends.  Friends are like family, they are either like your siblings or ur parnts.  and you dont trade you family for anything, no matter how hot, rich, wonderful, nice, charming, or whatever the guy or girl might be.  If they really love you, theyd neve make o even expect you to chose, and they would understand that famlycomes befor him/her.
  • я бы выбрала спутника хотя в дальнейшем может быть лишилась бы и друзей и его
  • Kinda depends what for... doesn't it?
    I mean, there are somethings I choose my partner for that would freak my friends out if it were them! (And me, for that matter!).
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