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Regrets Only

Do you think that animals feel regret?

Answers (242)

  • Humans are the only animals who feel regret - or have cause to.

    ...to mis-quote a famous line about guilt.
  • My pony sure does when he does something wrong and he knows it.
    Why does he have to be so damn smart?

  • No
  • oh yes they do, i know from experience. My dog Rocky feels regret a lot when he knows he is in trouble lol
  • I've seen my dog look guilty for stealing your pizza, so yes. I don't know about cats, but dogs can definitely feel regretful.
  • Regret? Now that's an interesting one. There are so many feelings, but you asked about regret. Hm, I'd say, no. I mean, I know almost nothing about this particular feeling in animals. But, thinking about it, I don't think so. I mean, unlike humans, the things most sought after in animals are survival & reproduction, keeping the species alive, correct? But humans are greedier, we want money, fame, happiness, love, maybe kids, respect, & so much more. So uh, my thought process skips a few steps, but I think that leads to, well, not regret. Because, I mean, when an animal screws up, it'd either be endangering reproduction, access to food, water, shelter, light, or space. And I mean I'm sure they're scared, But I don't think they actually think "oh no, I should have done blah blah blah", or "i shouldn't have done that" Just like, I don't think animals feel jealousy. My reasoning may be off but, yeah.
  • I highly highly doubt a majority of animals feel regret. Possibly monkeys and other psychologically advanced creatures but not the typical animal. Let's view it this way. We have all heard of "animal instinct", correct? The typical animal lives off of this animal instinct purely, as well as the fight or flight response. In my opinion, most animals are not psychologically advanced and developed enough to feel regret, amongst other human emotions. They live purely in the moment and strictly with the intent to survive and breed. Regret is a very deep and very human emotion that does not fit into the category of survival, therefore it is not felt and not needed by the basic animal. However, very little scientific information is known about the animal brain, as well as the human brain for that matter, and little to none is known about animal's emotions so this is all based strictly on theory, not scientific value.
  • I do believe that some animals certainly can or at least the ones that are more intelligent. A dog certainly can show remorse or regret through body posture and ask for forgivance. Primate mothers can feel regret over losing a baby for at least several days. I do not know if they reflect on their lives and feel regret, but I know in the "here and now" they certainly can.
  • Я убеждена, что все живые существа наделены душой (хотя многие склонны считать, что душа может быть лишь у человека), а значит, все способны на чувства. Переживания животных гораздо проще человеческих, их мышление примитивно и основано на инстинктах. Но если у животных может ярко проявляться материнский инстинкт, то неужели не найдется места такому родственному чувству, как жалость?
  • unless they have some preist or person in power telling them they are wrong, don't think they have any regrets. They know that their nature is their nature and they except it as such. They don't think it's a sin to be who they are and they have the faith that they are making the right choices.

    Now They do when they are in trouble though. Like my dog Nova knows when he's in trouble. But he doesn't dwell on it.

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