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Grimm Question

What was your favorite fairy tale as a child?

Answers (270)

  • в лет пять-шесть моей любимой сказкой была сказка Корнея Чуковского Доктор Айболит я знала ее наизусть

    а когда стала по-старше - сказка Братьев Гримм Рапунцель
  • Иногда я испытываю прямо сказать ненависть к журналистам, хотя стараюсь в себе подавлять это чувство - всё-таки со СМИ я сам связан. Россия24: "ГЛОНАСС" следил за выборами в Рязани." Бред, бред, бред... - ну нельзя же быть такими технически неподкованными: ГЛОНАСС, GPS сами ни за кем следить не могут - они не умеют этого делать и не предназначены для этого. Они только передают сигналы точного времени. И всё! Да и вообще есть серьёзные сомнения, что там применялся ГЛОНАСС. Наверно, всё-таки GPS, а слово заменили по политическим соображениям. Вспомнился ещё одни давний перл, который выдал один вполне кстати известный и уважаемый на тот момент журналюга: У нас генератор остановился - бензин для дизеля кончился.
  • I liked Grimm's "Cat in boots" or whatever, with the clever cat that helped the boy discover his fortune and a secret palace or something. I also liked that fairy tale about the man who had a wheel for a leg and his hat went flying everywhere and he'd chase after it.
  • Many a good father hath but a bad son!
  • cinderella! uh duh lol
    and beauty and the beast :)
    oh and i count mary poppins :) casue julie andrews kicks ass!

  • I loved the story of the seven/three swans or ravens, depending on where you hear it. I love stories in which the heroine has to be stronger than a normal person could be. Also the idea of silence as a struggle is so appealing to me. I also love the princess furball story, or whatever it's actually called. She also has to be strong and win love through her own means. I also love stories that show an evolution to the characters.
  • The Pied Piper of Hamlin! I'm not sure I could put a finger on to why exactly I have always loved this story so much, but I adore it enough that I've imagined all sorts of scenarios for it. I like the way the pied piper is dressed, I probably was really attracted to the alliteration and new vocabulary of the title as a younger child. He enchants animals and kids with his music, and led them away to a perfect place, or so the music apparently told them all. But there was a perfect mystery in it, because no one ever actually knew where those children went, if they were living in a happy place, if they appeared again speaking their original language with no memory, or if they were made to work as slaves (either for the piper or others), or if they were turned to rats themselves. Soooo many versions of this story! I think mostly that it's a story I've been able to reinterpret each stage of my life. Sometimes I felt sad for the crippled little boy for a variety of reasons, sometimes I thought he was so very lucky. Sometimes I thought the piper was in the right, other times I wondered why he couldn't just enchant to get his money. It's a story that's been able to change and grow up with me and keep my attention moreso than any other. Perhaps this is more legend/myth than fairy tale. Taking a look at Grimm's listings and trying to remember the common names for the stories I liked, the ones that keep coming to mind were the Twelve Princesses (the ones who danced away their shoes every night until a clever prince saved them from the witchcraft), The Princess and the Pea, Rumpelstiltskin, and The Elves and the Shoemaker (all depending on age). I liked the clever prince and was intrigued by the supposed fragility of the princess. Rumpelstiltskin himself really intrigued me, as did the woodsman (but I didn't like the other characters) and I adored the shoemaker and his wife for some reason. What I did NOT like were the Disney-taken tales. While Grimm's versions were "better," I still wasn't fond of them. I haven't a clue as to why, except maybe the feeling that these stories all ended at the half-way point. "Happily ever after" didn't cut it for me once I was old enough to have a grasp of the idea of "forever."
  • My favorite was The Goose Girl. It's a demented little tale about a young princess who sets out to marry only to encounter a series of unfortunate events. The end is particularly gruesome. But really, all of the more gruesome fairy tales were tales I rather enjoyed. (Have you read the Grimm Cinderella? It's titled "Aschenputtel" and it's not much like the Perrault version.)
  • Right so this is a question from a while ago. If I'm being perfectly honest? I think one of my favourite tales from when I was younger was Goose Girl. I don't even know if I can remember the story properly enough to tell, but I know the basics. The story seemed so lovely at the time, and I don't know I guess I just fell in total love with it back then, and even now I find that I feel similar. <3 On another note: For yesterday - Happy birthday to: Jessica Rose Smith. - Lydia-Jade Sharpe. Kian Yousefpour.
  • Aladdin
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