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Teaching Kids about Their Little Carbon Footprint

What are some simple things we can teach kids to do to take care of Mother Nature?

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  • Fuck the Earth, I'm throwing my god damn wrapper on the ground if I damn well please.
    Carbon footprint, my ass, I'm just too fat to walk to the nearest trash receptacle.
    Which always gets tipped over by some hooligan under cover of nightfall, anyway.

  • Mother Nature? Are we Druids? Do you worship Gaia? Personally, my mom was human. I worship the One True God, not what He created. Romans 1:25 "Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creation more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen." If you read the next two verses in Romans, you also will know my opinion on another controversial subject as well.

  • Teach them that if the French can do it, we can do it. Explain that the US Navy has been doing it for as long as anyone, and it's safe and clean. Educate them about Nuclear energy and let them figure out through research that almost all of the other alternative energies are tax payer subsidized pipe dreams that are sponsored by the collectivist of the world.
  • 1. Recycle-it's so easy. Just put a recycling bin or two right next to your garbage bin, sort, and drop at the proper site. If you like, the recycling guys will even come pick it up at your doorstep if you ask nicely (and give 'em money).

    2.Walk/bike-it's better for everyone's health, the planet's included.

    3. Drink water from the faucet-and carry a reusable bottle. Water is good for everyone but the plastic bottles it's sold in are not. Even with recycling that's still ALOT of plastic bottles being used/sold/made to begin with.

    4. Eat foods in season-and buy from local farmers markets. It takes less fuel emissions to drive something down the street than it does to ship it from Florida to California. Also supports local farmers. Better yet: grow your own ^_^

    5. Carpool-when the distance you need to go is farther than a walkable/bikable distance, carpool or use public transportation. And combine trips. Don't run out just for a bottle of water (see tip 3). If you're gonna go out, do all your errands at once. And if you're going to a strip mall, park in the middle and walk it. Don't park at Factory Card and then drive 3 stores down to JoAnn. Walk it, fresh air does people good as does exercise.

    6. Don't brown bag it-take your lunch yes, but carry a reusable lunch box and sandwhich container. So much better than using more paper products.

    7. Don't litter-(this is a duh one) aside from being able to be fined for doing so, it's jut not good for the planet and makes the place look trashy. It's not hard to hold onto your trash until you get to a trash can/recycle bin.

    8. Use mechanical pencils-I can't say for sure but I imagine this would be better for the environment rather than using woods ones as no trees need to be cut down.
  • Stop lying to them about things like global warming. That way we can have at least a little bit of credibility when we teach them about real ecological problems such as smog, littering, and deforestation. Whacky, only-tangentially-related fact: Did y'all know that, in pre-historic times, the Arabian peninsula was a lush, cedar forest?
  • Build a few hundred more nuclear power plants. Outlaw socialism. :D And quit clogging my tags list! It's already at 1200. I don't need LJ adding a half-dozen half-assed tags. :P
  • Recycle, take shorter showers, turn the water off while brushing teeth...
  • Teach them about trash: pick it up if you see it and try to reduce the amount you make in the first place. 
  • Plant tress, lots and lots of trees.  Best bang for the busk in the way of energy expended.
  • Hehe, wow, what a loaded question this is. I know of people who think that just by creating human beings that exhale carbon dioxide, I'm harming the planet. Would that be a good start for you enviro-fascists out there?
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