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The Little Things I Do for Our Planet

What little things do you do every day to take care of our planet?

Answers (178)

  • Recycle more than I throw away. Don't leave the tap running when I brush my teeth. Drive as little as possible. Pick up trash.
  • Petty I know but the one major or minor thing I do is refuse to drive a car. Both for the environment and because driving scares me. Aside from obvious stuff like no littering. 
  • I'm really getting annoyed by all these stupid "GO GREEN" questions.
  • I am constantly recyling at my work place making sure nothing recycleable goes in the trash. Also I am always making sure the waste is sorted properly between recycleable, waste and compost.

    Also I recycle at home as well.

    Also watching Captain Planet religiously does that count as well?
  • Hm, I buy a lot of recycled products for the office where I work. Many times, because we are an office and have a corporate account (which usually means huge discounts), the recycled products can actually be bought very cheap. I consider this something I do every day. While I might not order products every day, we do use them. I also use a shredder company that recycles all of it's waste.

    Other things are: being conscious of not littering, turning off lights when not in a room, keeping the temperature set at a decent level, trying to eat all my leftovers, reusing paper (mostly to draw or scribble on, haha), and using a lot of recycled products for the home.
  • I turn off lights and appliances that are not in use.  I also take mass transit to work and try to oragnize my other errands to reduce the number of trips I need to take using my car.

  • many things. *Eat organically. *Use less meat. *Drive less. *Use Natural Cat litters. *Recycle *Use Green companies. *Keep learning where I can improve.
  • I recycle about everything I can. I'm on a wind power electricity provider. I have a fairly fuel-efficient car.
  • I make puerile suggestions for saving the planet in my eljay.
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