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Do you still use a landline at home, or do you rely completely on your cell phone?

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  • I've had my cell phone since November 2003, and I got rid of my land line at the same time. I have never once missed it either.
  • I have a landline and like to use it. A home number is needed too for a lot of delivery stuff, and things like ordering pizza. Conversely I am used to when Australia has painfully expensive mobile phone costs and that is exacerbated by my last phone which was a flat (cheap) rate for internet and SMS and email and IM's and received calls but charged like a bull for calls out. So when I get my head around "this phonecall won't cost you a few dollars Ristin" and the concept of having some call-credits as well, I will use the mobile more for calls out. Even then I will be happy I have the landline.

  • Mobile all the way. Landline is too expensive, mum's too stubborn to learn how to use a mobile, brother's too stingy to buy credit for his phone half the time, yet he calls mobiles from the landline. I probably make more calls and send WAY more texts than both of them combined and I pay nowhere near as much for the privilege.

    If I had my way there wouldn't be a landline. :-)
  • нет
  • I dont really use the landline but my parents do.  I do think it's important to have at least a basic plan on a landline though, especially for emergency situations so i think for now i'm going to keep a landline no matter where i live
  • All I really need is my cell. It's waay too inconvenient to use landlines and who wants to pay for a landline AND a cell? Not me lol cell all the way!

  • If I need to use the phone, I use the landline phone so I don't waste my minutes on my cell phone. I only use my cell phone for emergencies when I'm not home (unless there's a landline phone near by) and texting. It's a lot cheaper for you then to rely on your cell phone 24/7.
  • Personally, I do not use a landline at home, however we do still have one. As the person responsible for paying the phone bill, I’ve argued we get rid of it, however that suggestion has been met with some ambivalence. I plan to argue my point again when we renew our lease. To me, it’s a waste of money. Only one person uses the line on occasion to call over-seas. Why pay over $30.00 a month so it can be used one or twice every few months? Her argument is that it’s available in case of an “emergency” or when the electricity goes out… however, that just doesn’t work any longer. I don't give out our home number, nor do I answer the phone. In fact, I'm not sure if anyone actually answers the landline.
  • we have a landline.
    but i prefer the cell phone.
    because for example in a storm when the power goes out, the cell phone is still working.
    and its just easier for me to deal with.
  • My parents still have a landline at home but I'm at school for more than half the year so CELLPHONE.
    And I'm a texting addict.
    Like it's not even funny, I do it all the time.

    But lately my cellphone has been DYING so I'll hopefully get a new one....nowish.
    Before I go to DC at least.

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