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Writer's Block

What Was I Thinking?

Finish the sentence: "What in the world was I thinking when I...?"

Answers (129)

  • What was I thinking when I got married to my ex? It wasn’t a way of getting out of my parents’ house, that’s for sure. Looking back on that marriage’s mess, I now wish that I’d gotten stuck to my Sean “Mixingk” Keffer years ago. Sean, I wonder if you were waiting for me all those years you were alone after your short marriage emploded? I can most definitely confess to you that I was waiting for you when I felt like I was in trouble during those times when I felt like he no longer wanted me to be a part of his life. But, I now have you. I can’t believe we’ve been together almost a year. Where has the time flown? You haven’t chased me away, like he managed to do. With you forever, I’m here to stay. Nothing’s ever going to change that—even if either of us has unexpected problems that may crop up every now and then. I love you too much to go and hide, want to keep you here by my side.
  • ...I made casual conversation while going through airport security. Got stopped, totally searched and had my hands swabbed.

  • ..kinda slide to a 2 meter pool when there's no single water in it, face down.. I just remembered someone kinda ran to get me but it's too late n after that there's so much blood all over my face.. i guess in the head of 3 years old naughty girl (i'm so naughty back then xD) it's just fun to go up n slide into water pool *giggles* 
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  • What in the world was I thinking when... I dyed my hair blue!!! it looked horrific, ive seen the photos and they are not good!!!

    What in the world was I thinking when... I quit dancing, i was really good!!!

    what in the wolrd was i thinking when... I started to draw, its an obsession and its taken over my life!

  • what in the world was i thinking when i didn't go stand by mr. shuck (singer in Julien-k) when i was like 5 feet away from him!!!!?
    well i did think he was a pervert though and now that i think of it, he's freaking awesome and i regret not walking over and saying "hi" now i'm kinda sad! but i'm happy to like a new band and a new Celebrity. he's cool to
  • когда писал эти строки...
  • писал эти строки...
    • Wanted to Kill myself?
    • Wanted it all to end?
    • Carried on going out with a guy who was mentally and sometimes even physically abusive to me?
    • I chose to be the person i am?
    • I was too shy to make friends at school?
    • Encouraged my boyfriend to set off the fire alarms at school during mock gcse's hehe?
    • Got so drunk i couldnt stand up?
    • Screamed at my mum and told her she was a slut?

    Fuck knows.... But i wouldnt change a thing. Its what makes me who I am.


  • когда родился здесь
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