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It's the first day of the month. If you could have one wish come true this month, what would it be?

Answers (235)

  • sometimes theres a song in a heart that is filled with regret and with want and a need to succeed and to love but always to always fly above. cant see but feel, light in the sun.. the pleasure from the moon like sex to you, and all the drugs are pushed inside of everyone. fire is light that can burn in the dark, air is the suck out of the water around. the wind bleeds because its peirced and cut, you'll never see it. the needle in the vein strings a low steady flow in the water in the pond in the heart that pumps the blood. your mind is mine its not your own you scream and lie and lay alone. you cry and laugh. no your not fast, you're un-clean & you were born a very weak but angel one, and you fell deep into the hole of the creation.. you lost your life, you're in a dream you think your will is what it seems.. you crawl inside a tight between and you like the ride you've always dreamed. it made me feel like i was high when you were deep and i was right outside.. you could see through the clouds if the sun would show brighter. you can see under water with the drug that gets you higher. may you keep what you had wanted what you had or what i give. if the weak become like winter the strong the heat of summer.. if the touch is the need, away with our minds, do you think about the days of your children's lives.
  • I would wish for wealth to come to my family. Preferably just my house hold. Or maybe I'd just wish for happiness between me and my partner for all eternity. It doesn't matter to me. Both would satisfy my needs in a great way regardless to what may happen.
  • Well, it’s no longer the first of the month, but I’m still willing to answer this question. I rarely wish, but this month I used one up. I have an idea belief that wishing should not be casually used on the very off chance that they do in fact work. I don’t want to use mine up on minor things, in case I really need one down the road. Well, last week was one of those desperate moments where a wish was needed. Fortunately for me and a friend, one of us still had one to use. She’s struggling and didn’t have the health insurance coverage to get the help she needed, but an appeal was in the works to change that. My wish was for that appeal to go through and it did.
  • That the Man I Love,Loved me Back..
  • Its not going to come true but I would wish that my parents got over themselves and grow up and let amras come over here.

  • If I could have one wish come true in July, I would wish for Tyler W. to fall in love with me again. :) Or I would wish for my friend Kyle from Texas would move like.. right down the street from me:D

  • Its the first day of the month make a wish! I wish that life wasnt so confusing! boys werent such jerks, girls wouldnt start so much drama, parents werent so strict, teachers wouldnt give out homework, there were no consequences at all and life wasnt t so complicated,.!  you choose????
  • Win the lottery. LOL
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