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Writer's Block

Significant Change

Have you ever tried to change yourself for someone you were in a relationship with (or wanted to be in a relationship with)? Did it work?

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  • Yup. Many times and I guess it's normal. People tend to somehow alter the way they are to be acceptable to others especially to someone they like. In my case, I always try to appear perfect to bit the bill of the person I am eyeing for.

    The real question here is, did it work? Most of the time, yes, but I also think if  a person is

    There is nothing constant in this world except change. I honestly believe in that saying. Truelly

    Changing is part of life. They say there is nothing constant in this world except change and I honestly believe in that. We all change
  • i have. and no, it didnt work. i've learned to understand that its better to be who you are. and you'll find someone way better.
  • Have you ever tried to change yourself for someone you were in a relationship with (or wanted to be in a relationship with)?

    Actually I have. I have given up on things that were part of my life. I Sometimes I miss them, sometimes I don't. I am still with the guy. He's given up things for me aswell. In a relationship you give and you receive. I wouldn't call it changing myself, I would call it being willing to become a better person. Deep down I'm still the same girl I was a year and a half ago.

  • Yes, and it failed. Badly.

    Actually it's my first time feeling like loving someone so much that I can be anything for him and do everything for him (except my family members and my friends, of course!). But I sealed my lips you won't hear a word from me who he is. I had tried everything I could do to make him lay a glance in my way and just saying something (like 'oh, hi is that you from...somewhere?') to me. The result was very please for me even he did noticed whatever I did for him ONCE. LOL even the same old idea that if only I could be his girl I'll be in heaven was gone long ago. I STILL LOVE HIM EVEN NOW <3 and surely wish him good in everything he's doing or going to do. I love to know that every step in his life won't cause any pain or too hard for him. It's weird now I just wish he's in a good hand even not mine.

    Love you as always dear, xoxo

    (a hint, first letter of his name is R)

  • Being the loner I am, I would never change for anyone.  It's just not worth the time or effort.  I've been in a relationship were the guy became unstable in security and loyalty.  After a year he began verbally abusing me by trying to change me into his "perfect house wife" soon to be.  We argued all the time.  He gave me his christian views, I gave him my scientific views.  Clashed all the time.  He did try to change me....it didn't work.  It never will, never has.  It doesn't matter who it is.  If they can't like you for who you are, it's a waste of time trying to think they would like you for anything more then what you aren't.  It's simple.  Move on. 
  • I tried and realized how terrible it was. There were two times. The first time started when I was young, and I did not learn to stop until I was nearly an adult (or 18, which is what America seems to THINK is an adult). That was someone in my family who wanted me to be something I wasn't. We're not talking jobs and careers here, either, we're taking in personality, expectations, and self expression. He wanted me to be like him, and I think I almost was or would have been if I hadn't had someone to stop me. Anyway, not the kind of RELATIONSHIP this Writer's Block was talking about, but...don't care. The second person was a guy I used to know. We were...close. Neither of those times worked out very well. Sorry, I'm feeling "emo" today.
  • Oh good lord, Every relationship I've ever BEEN in made me change. I had to, or they would leave me. Which is funny, because don't you start to date someone because you like them for who they are, the way they are? Hmm.. Never seems that way though. After a few months, they try to tell you how to dress, act, feel, look, ... all of that. Then, they start to control you. When the hell will I EVER have my life back? You know things are messed up when you start to feel GUILTY for thinking of breaking up with the boy that abuses you to death.
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  • Not change, just meerly looked at things from a different perspective and tweeked my thinking, behavior and interest slightly to compliment the others personality.
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