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Apology Not Accepted

Have you ever refused to accept someone's apology, or had your own apology rejected?

Answers (203)

  • Не смею брать на себя роль Бога! Но принимать извинения приносит удовлетворение. Простить можно, забыть нет.
  • I always accept apologies, except when it is from my brothers ( they are impossible). Sometime someone rejected mine and it was painful.
  • I am very non-confrontational. It would take a lot for me to want an apology in the first place and even more for me to reject it. I've never refused an apology, but I've also only ever received, like, five. I will probably never refuse an apology. Like I said, I hate confrontations and refusing an apology would start one. I'd get all flustered and upset/angry, and probably start crying.

    Just as I've not received very many apologies, I've not given very many either. It's a vice, but I'm prideful and stubborn. Should I do something that would require an apology, I most often pretend like it didn't happen because there's no way I'm going to admit I'm wrong. In short, I've not given any apologies to be rejected.
  • Вообще считаю извинения чистой воды формальностью...
    Человек должен понят свою неправоту в том или ином аспекте..
    если же этого не происходит, то бесполезно предпринимать какие-либо переговоры с целью что-либо изменить

  • Yes, tonight I actually refused to accept someone's apology.  Why?  B/C the reason why she had to apologize was so underhanded that it's too early to even think about accepting it, and I don't believe she is truly sorry for what she did, and I think if she had to do it over she would do it the exact same way.
  • i had refused to accept apology from a group of fren that used to b mine once.. at that time i'm really mad n in my heart , there is nothing other than anger. until now, i never accept their apology. it's like a hypocrite because  i shake hand wth them at that moment but in my heart i never forgv them.. i also know it is a wrong behaviour of not accepting smone's apaology.. but, i can't let them go just like that. at least they still owe me an apology for each of them after what they had done to me.. what they did were totally made me felt ashemed n embarassed wth others.. i couldn't stop myself from hating them even though in my religion, i hv to frgv everyone that made mistakes..  as long as i still remember what they had done to me, i will never forgv them.. no n never.

    my apology being rejected?
    erm... maybe.. i dun live in people's heart. so, i know nothing whether they had accepted or rejected my apology.. it's up to them..

  • I don't accept apologies ever. I can try and move past things, but I don't believe in forgive and forget. To me that it like telling someone what they did is okay, and inviting them to do it again. My mom used to date this guy Joe, she started dating him right after she and Steve split up, he was my middle brother's friend, maybe 3 years older than him. So he was a year or two older than her oldest child. He thought because he was good looking he could get away with anything. He was a bad guy, just someone who should have never been in any of our lives, but what do you expect from a friend of my brother who's currently in jail? I don't remember all the shit he did, but he bought me and my sister a puppy for our birthday, and sometimes he would just punch the puppy. Nori would be laying in the corner sleeping, and he'd just punch him. Whenever he did it, I'd get met and he'd smile and act cute, and apologize. I'd forgive him, and he'd do it again. So one day he hit Nori while he was sleeping under a chair, and I told him that if he hit my dog again, I'd kill him. I mean, I was a 13 year-old little girl, and he was like 22, but I have anger issues, and I meant it. He looked at me and this punched Nori again. So I went in the kitchen and grabbed a knife and, of course my mom grabbed me and stopped me from going near him. I went in my room after that and he came in a few minutes later begging forgiveness and I told him no. I've never forgiven anyone after that. Sometimes I say I forgive them to avoid saying that what they did was wrong, and I will never trust them again, but I will continue talking to them,but I've never really accepted an apology since then.
  • Yes.
    Three times.

    1st; in primairy shool; I called a girl fat; and apologized for it one second ago, but the girl was angry.
    2nd. Hana. I was in a very bad mentally condition; I've said Im sorry; she answered, shes not somebody to tell her "sorry".
    3d; Karol.I beged him for forgivness, that I wanted to slap him in the face. Also; that I said some stupid things.
    But I guess he wanted that I feel sorry, that I argued with Hana.And holly shit, I dont feel in any point sorry for this, even now.Oh its so complicated,not now.

    Fuck this things.
  • I'm a pretty hard nut to crack, I DO NOT accept apologies easily nor do I give them out often. When I do something, it is or is going to be right. Otherwise, I will not do it. I usually do not say sorry to people unless it is something or someone I really care about. Therefor, I have never gotten an apology rejected!
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