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Licensed to Drive

Should we just be handing over the car keys when kids turn 16? Why or why not?

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  • Actually...NO!!! Kiddies of that age usually think that everything that anybody has told them about driving under the influence of anything (even that bloody cell phone) really is a load of crap...and they also tend to think of themselves as kind of "immortal". Little do they realize that the reasons they've been told such things by those of us who have said them, is that we have lived through it and lived to tell the tale, so to speak. I wish I could tell you how many times I've heard "what could happen" (by the ever so young and foolish) and then had to mop up (literally) what did.
  • If you know you can trust your kids, then yeah.
  • I just turned 16 in March and I don't think parents should be handing over car keys to their child when they turn 16 because having and driving a car is A LOT of responsibility. Yeah it would be nice if our parents handed us the keys to a car. It takes time to gain that kind of trust in your parents for them hand over keys to a car when you turn 16. My parents haven't bought me a car or anything. They told me that I would need to buy my own car and that would show that I am responsible!
  • It depends on the teenager. Because every body is different and I accept it. Its a good idea because you can have fun with your friends and family! Its also a bad idea because what if you got drunk and deiside to drive? And what if you got in a car accident? That what I'm worried about.
  • YES
  •  Do you see your nice car, all beautiful. In all aspects its barely got a scratch on it. Its pretty much your second home, the place where you've have had very emotional moments, or very life changing moments in some cases. You see your car? Now its gone.
  • Driving automobiles is a privilege, not a guaranteed right. You need to be mature and responsible before you're allowed to drive a car. There are too many irresponsible fools driving around. I know, it's not cool to be a teenager without a car. However, it's better to be alive and uncool by comparison.
  • No, I don't believe that you should because some teens might either abuse their privlege( sorry about the spelling) or not be ready for a car for other reasons. For instance, I have a niece that was supposed to get a car from her parents last week; however, they both changed their minds at the last montent due to the fact that she didn't pick up her grades and shown how careless she could be with her chores, among other things.
  • Yes, by then they learned not to be completly stupid or reckless.
  • nope cause pretty soon i'll be able to drive and we don't want that.
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