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Same Name

Have you ever met or known someone who has the same name as you (first and last) but is not a relative?

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  • Yes, oddly she was a pateint at the time, and undergoing a drug induced pyschosis overdone the B12  (self poisoned) by accident she was trying to cure her PMT!!!  so she would not rember me.......
  • I have a person in my town who has the same name as me. I never did meet her, but I know the street she lives on and that she's years older than me. She had the same doctor and same pharmacy as me. I first learned about her when I was in my early 40's and obviously expecting. I went in to the doctor's with a bad cold. The doctor looked at me, looked at the record, back at me, etc. and then realized he'd been given the wrong record and he DIDN'T have a pregnant woman about to turn 60. I have to give my birthdate every time now, so that it doesn't happen again.

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    There 3,804 people with the same first and last name as me listed in the U.S. White Pages. I've never met any of them. 

    Once, though, I got a call at work from a bank stating I was late on some payment.  I had no idea what they were talking about.

    Turns out there was someone else working there with the same name as me. 

    Right name, wrong person.


  • No but I have two friends with the exact same full name and it can get very confusing as they are both part of the same group of friends lol. Plus I often call/text the wrong one because they come under the same name in my phonebook.
  • Yea...and she's my age too. It's irritating because we're forced to use our middle names in mixed company
  • yah!..i met her in friendster. we don't just share the same name but also the same family name. She added me first then i learned that we have the same interest.  She's also living the same city as me but we never had a chance to meet pesonally because we are busy in our studies. Actually, her school and mine is just one ride away from each other. She's really pretty. I like her so much. so friendly and God-fearing.
  • Личной встречи не было, но была интересная история.
    Когда мы с мужем только познакомились, я работала в таком отделе своей компании, где поставить ICQ на компьютер было проблемно. А работала я в основном с 15:00 до 00:00 часов. То есть в аське была насущнейшая необходимость:) Однажды, звонит мне Артем и странным голосом спрашивает: " Кать, а как это ты в аське?" Я говорю:- "Не в аське я, у меня же нет аськи на работе!" Слово за слово, выяснилось, он набрал в поиске мои имя и девичью фамилию, нашел Катю и долго выпытывал у нее, как это ей разрешили поставить аську на работе:)) Все трое долго недоумевали, а потом ходили под впечатлением, поскольку у нас с этой Катей совпадают не только имя и фамилия , но и даты рождения. Теперь мы с ней друг друга поздравляем с Днем Варенья, регулярно, и не сложно запоминать:)
    Когда я вышла замуж, моя фамилия поменялась, теперь в телефонном справочнике моей ооочень немаленькой конторы я "такая"одна. А вот в одноклассниках обнаружились тезки и по новой фамилии - имени. С этими людми мы в одноклассниках друзья. просто так:)
  • My irl first and names names are extremely common so yes.
  • While I've never met them, there are two other people with my name that go to my doctor. Hilarity ensues when I go to pick up my meds, because they also go to the same pharmacy as me. At least the pharmacist always asks for my address bfore ringing me up someone else's meds.
  • Actually yes. When I worked for Cognisa Security, guarding the Ogden, Utah location of an AOL building, the client AOL had an employee there by the name of John Barnes. When he swiped his card to come in the building one day I told him he had an awesome name (after making sure I still had my own card key, of course). I also happen to know for a fact that there is a U.K. Soccer Player and an Author named John Barnes as well. Which is funny since I want to be an Author too. I may have to use my full name for it: John Adam Barnes.

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