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Look at Me/Don't Look at Me

Do you seek attention or hide from it?

Answers (247)

  • For the most part, I tend to hide from public attention. But, having said that, I will also say...

    There isn't a human alive who doesn't need to be noticed and appreciated for who they are.
    It doesn’t have to be by a large group of people, it just has to be by someone.

    “Give whatever you are doing and whoever you are with the gift of your attention.” - Jim Rohn

  • I need attention. I thrive from it.
  • Hmmmm... that's a toughie. I hate attention (ESPECIALLY on my birthday in band class when EVERYONE sings to me) because I like being invisible. However, another part of me wants recognition for any talent I have (writing, acting if any, playing flute, etc.), and of course it never comes. Whatever. It depends on my mood. And I don't really know how to predict it.
  • Sometimes I do but most of the time I just try to pass by and not be noticed.
  • I hide. At home there are times when I just sit at home and watch tv all day and tell everyone to leave me alone i close down and veg-out until I have a firm grasp on some sanity :) When i'm at school i try to find a secret place to be at peace. It ranges from the library, to an empty room, or even a bathroom if it has a power strip to power up my phone batteries. Being around crowds of people is ok as long as i don’t have overwhelming homework guilt, and expectations of their expectations. Of course loud/just talking or singing people also annoy me this is why i enjoy tv so much – no expectations and it’s just the way i want it well except when i have to refresh the sites every 5sec/min cause of my addiction wish i could find a job in tv watching :P

  • Neither, I get attention. But i dont strive for it, or hide from it. I get enough so I have confidence, and i know people are there. But i'm not gonna lie and try to be an attention whore. I hate when people do that. I don't get why people hide from i though.
  • I like more to not be noticed, after all, why should I want everyone to look at me ?

  • both. sometimes i want it. sometimes i don't. of course it really depends on the mood i'm in. but right now. i don't seek attention. just adventure. excitement.
  • )Смотря кто его источник=) есть такие от которых скрываюсь и ,безусловно,такие источники,от которых жду-недождусь внимания фактически в любом виде!В глобальном смысле я люблю быть в центре внимания,поэтому именно здесь и нахожусь!
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