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You Ate What?

What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Would you eat it again?

Answers (225)

  • Deep-fried lining of a dog's stomach. Um, I dunno. I mean, it WAS tasty, but when I ate it I didn't know what it was. The psychological block might be a bit much for a second round.
  • There was this fish cuisine combined with durian or something back then when I was a kid, and I threw it up the moment it touched my tounge, in front of my late grandma, who apperantly was the one who cooked it.
    I would definetly NOT gonna eat that ever again.
  • I ate this gross vanilla wafer/pizza/kettle cooked chips combo plate thingy my friend made. Never, EVER again. No.
  • I guess Frog Legs.  They really do taste like chicken.  I would eat them again!
  • Собачатину. Да
  • Sea cucumber!  Which, for those of you not in the know, is an animal, not a vegetable.  Its consistency was almost like jello, unlike any other sea creature i have ever eaten.  Flavor was mild and almost slightly sweet, don't know if that was its natural flavor or due to sauce of some kind.

    This was eaten at Shen Zhen, a great chinese restaurant out near 82nd and something or other.  Anyone want to take me? ;)

  • This is kind of a tie, although one I willingly ate, and one I ate without knowing what it was.

    When I was six, I was camping out in the yard and my dad came out to cook me breakfast - sausage and eggs, scrambled together.  I was starving and got about halfway through my plate before I pointed out that the sausage tasted a little off.  It wasn't spiced right or something, I couldn't tell.  And then that's when Dad showed me the empty can of pork brains.  I didn't puke, though I was close for about three hours, and I had a splitting headache for the rest of the day.  I never let him cook for me again without knowing exactly what was going into the dish and watching him cook it.

    The other thing I ate when I was 36 at an SCA event, which is where I dd most of my adventurous eating in my life.  Having a Norse persona, I felt that it was my obligation to try lutefisk.  Lutefisk, in case you don't know, is dried cod tenderized by soaking it in lye, which is rinsed out before cooking.  Lye is a highly concentrated solution of aqueous potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide.

    Now, I'm about to unweird this whole lutefisk thing for you, because most people think the problem is the inclusion of the lye, and not the cod.  LYE IS USED TO CURE PRETZELS.  Ever had a pretzel?  Then you've eaten food that's come into contact with lye, just like lutefisk.  Only difference is, it's wheat, and not fish.  Most people I know will eat both pretzels and cod, but they won't touch lutefisk.  Well, now ya know.  Pretzels are "lute-bread."

    Oh, and the verdict on the lutefisk?  Not bad.  I'd eat it again, if it were prepared right.  Story goes, there's good lutefisk and there's BAD lutefisk, and it's all in the preparation.  I had the good kind.  If you get a chance, try it.  Tastes good on crackers.

  • this is rather old, but I took a sea-salt ice cream shot--the liquid before we froze it. it was basically blue kool-aid loaded with sea-salt. It was warm and....BLAGH! The frozen was just as bad. I probably would try some again, just to remember how horrible it was.
  • smoked alligator jerkey

    No, heaps and heaps of no. It was gross.

  • Pig's feet.
    They still had hair on them.... 8[

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