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Writer's Block

Summer Break

How did you spend summers when you were a kid?

Answers (3)

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  • We always spent at least a good chunk of any break in Scania with relatives; my parents hailed from there and had moved northwards when they graduated uni, because there was work up north and stuff. So we'd go to visit relatives; when I was very little we stayed with them, but later on we bought a summer house. The summer house was awesome. A ways walk from there was a huge patch with wild raspberries. Wild raspberries are like a million times better than the domestic ones, and there was enough of them there that we could fill one-liter ice cream jars with them and put them in the freezer. When we weren't in Scania I'd be running around playing, drawing with sidewalk chalk, biking around the neighborhood (we lived in an area where no cars were allowed on the streets for the most part), climbing trees, and occassionally playing on my friends' NES. We didn't really spend all that much time indoors when I was little, though. The indoors time increased as I got older, and now I really do prefer spending most of my time inside. Video games and literature are better than sunburns and skinned knees. -Alexandra