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Do you ever have recurring dreams? If so, are they good dreams or nightmares?

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  • My dreams always have a recurring theme: loss.  I cannot define my dreams as good or bad, scary or not, because often they start off wonderful, and end at terrible.  In every dream, I find something, or make something, or gain something, most of the time a creature to love and live, and I end up losing them.  Mostly it's my little sister.

    Last night it was my baby.  I was impregnated through improbable means, and there was no father there for me, as he was a sea monster, but my family accepted and loved my baby almost as much as I did.  And I could see him yawn and it was beautiful.  And then he was born, and he was lovely and amazing and also a frog, but that didn't matter to me, because I loved him anyway, and it mattered to my family a lot, but just little enough to respect my love for him.  I named him Jimmy.

    And after Jimmy had grown to full froggy size (the size anyone with a temporary pet comes to know horribly and magnificently - it's the size a captured animal gets just when they're about to die), he turned into a little froggy brain in my palm, and little froggy bones, and I was emotionally distraught; I saw it all happen, I saw his body change and shift on my palm, his little froggy body, and I screamed out loud my anguish, and I ran and dropped his little gray, perfect brain and his little leg bones on the sidewalk, and I ran into my bathroom, and I screamed and cried and shouted all my pain for everyone (and the bathroom is where I go whenever I feel sick).  I talked shouted to myself about how he was perfect, perfect little Jimmy, and I remembered having my belly just big and full of him, and I missed those days he was safe and I could keep him with me without guilt.  People knocked at the doors and I never let them in, because I couldn't hear them over the lack of little froggy sobs.

    And people keep on dying on me.

    If it was a girl, I was going to name her fffq.

  • I have dreams about my future adopted daughters. They're really good most of the time and I usually write them out in story form for everyone to enjoy.
  • I cannot actually remember having many dreams in my life, as I have always had recurring dreams. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of a walk that starts at the bottom of the hill of the street where my Grandmother lived, and takes me to a pathway in the mountain, where a small boy dressed in old fashioned clothes, sits and waits for me on a dry-stone wall, dangling his legs below him. I do not know the boy, and faces do not appear in my dreams, but it is a happy, peaceful dream.

    As I have grown up, I have had roughly five recurring dreams. The oddest one, and for about three years, was of me searching empty dessolate and dirty public toilets of my local pub. I still do not know who or what I am searching for, but people seem to pop up from my past. Girls who I went to school with, standing around gossping.

    My latest recurring dream is of a 11th century church near where I live, which I photographed last year. In this dream, my fiance dares me to open the doors and see inside, which I have never actually done in real life, but as I do so in my dream, all I find behind the Church doors is a bottomless drop; dark and frightening. It is not a nightmare, but like all my dreams, it is surrealistically real.

    Sometimes these dreams seem to merge together, but they very rarely alter. I have had very few nightmares in my life. The scariest of all, which chills me to this day, was of me searching the woods at night. I found a body face down in a stream, and as I turned it over, it was me - naked, dead and decayed. *shudder*. That was the one dream where I wished I couldn't see a face. I am shaking thinking about it.

    I would love to dream somebody elses dream just once - Just to see if dreams are the same for everybody....
  • *rolls her eyes* Yeah, there's this one dream so to speak. Damn it for recurring...
  • Depends really, I more often than not have recurring dreams which can be a mix of both. I never have straight up good or bad dreams.
  • its kinda weird but it happens to me many times and most of those  dreams were when i was still in primary school. I am now a college student and sometimes i used to dream what i have dreamed when i was young and the weird things was that, it gives a continuation. It's like a story that has episodes. Im not lying. I once told my friends about it and they just laughed at me. And i could not say if its a nightmare or not. I don't feel any scary things happened on my dreams but when i wake up my heart really bits fast tand i couldn't barely catch my breath.
  • Yes! I have both types of recurring dreams.
  • Yes; nightmares.
  • All of my recurring dreams are nightmares. Or, at least, they should be. I get tortured in any number of unhappy ways. Some of them are recurring. Others are 'sagas' that I will pick up where I left off. The thing is, I don't generally find them scary. Not really. I mean, they are horrible and terrible and miserable. I often end up dying. But, in a strange way, I find them comforting. Like a security blanket or something. Not all nightmares are comforting. The non-recurring types of nightmares are quite frightening.
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