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Who was your first friend on LiveJournal? Are they still on your Friends list?

Answers (187)

  • the first person on my friends list was erinn
    haha of course she still is
    only like 2 of my friends are 'cool' enof to livejournal anyways
    peace ;) ily <3
  • was my first friend. switched from lived_in_hope i'm sad to say that I didn't keep up with them long enough. The user site has been deleted, but it is still on my friends list. I've been trying to catching up with the journal until it disappeared, think I may know where they went, but I wonder if I should try if I was so sporadic without much of an explanation. Edit: my friend is back!
  • Umm, my First Friend in LJ.. =\

    It was midnightokami, And Shes still on my friends list of corse xD I

    I only got two other frineds, there   adamwestslapdog bubblegum_miley~!
  • Sincerly_Mad, she stopped with livejournal, but started later again with another name ^^ I have a few friends here on LJ, because I'm not that active here :)
  • Блоссом. Да
  • Cookiecutter090  All the way!  She is amazing!  Knew her for a very long time!
  • My first friend on LJ?? Hmmm....
    Well, i've only been a member of Live Journal for a few days now, and my first friend on here was Beckie Perkins, and Yep - she is still on my friends list :)

  • My first friend was Candace, and yes she is because she is my best friend. ^_^
    Okay, let me get something off my chest right off the bat: my boyfriend is an ASSHOLE. Yes, he is, a lot of the time, he is. I am very very very pissed off right now. I mean, I've been begging him all day to call me so that I know what our plans are tomorrow. Finally he calls at 2:00 in the morning, and what does he do? Randomly start screaming at me. I'm sitting here crying, not even sure what I did wrong, and he just keeps screaming at me and getting more and more mad, so I call him an asshole, so he tells me that we're broken up and then hangs up. Me being the whipped little idiot I am, I call back and he automatically starts in again.
    Oh, btw, my uncle just died. And my father just got back from the hospital for a heart thing, and apparently he's got a 25% blockage in his arteries. Oh, and he's coughing worse than ever, which means his emphyzema is progressing. I'm really freaking stressed out right now. But, according to Chris, I've got "absolutely no right to complain." Admittedly, he said this before he found out about my uncle, but he still knows exactly how under pressure I am right now just from DAD.
    I know that I'm bipolar, but ffs, I'm beginning to think that he is, too. Asshole.
    Anyways, I'll stop sounding like a total emo now.
    ...*deep breath*
    He's lucky that he looks a little bit like Spock, or I might strangle him. Stil, l very much love him, the dickhead.
    I've been cleaning all freaking day. I'll be coughing up dust from now until next Wednesday. However, my room is a hell of a lot cleaner. Isn't it funny how you have to make an even bigger mess just to clean up the mess you already had?
    Oh, and I've been watching MST3K all day while I was cleaning. Mostly episodes I've already seen, like the Pumaman episode, but still, everything MST3K is awesome to me. ^_^ I'm very much in love with the young Mike Nelson. He is smexy.
    Yeah, I'm a geek and a nerd. I'm still awesome.

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  • Jodi is my first and only friend here just yet! She is awesome!

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