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Writer's Block

There Once Was a Girl from Nantucket

It's Limerick Day! Share a favorite or compose your own humorous five-line poem with an AABBA rhyme structure.

Answers (233)

  • Need something to write about and the official Writer's Block archive not cutting it? Well come on over to , where we have over 500 old Writer's Blocks archived! Never run out of things to write about ever again! Also, if you're *still* bored after that, come over to this entry to answer our question "If you could write a Writer's Block, what would it be?"
  • Sam's real name is Jenny
    She doesn't think she's scary
    "Love you, dear" she says
    And kills you with her ways
    Oh, that's when she's merry!

    Hsinfang is a slow tortoise
    Which likes to talk rubbish
    Not just because of her pace
    But also from her taste
    Throw her ice-cream but not fish!

    Evelyn likes to act emo
    Yet she has such a glow
    "Oh CSC is so boring"
    So unlike her doodling
    Weisheng's a lucky fellow!

    Melissa Wee is so attractive
    that even girls would hold her captive
    Too bad she is so ego
    That anyone would let her go
    Take note that she is explosive!

    Limericks don't really make sense D:
  • There once was a lady from Niger, Who smiled as she rode on a tiger. They came from the ride With a lady inside And the smile on the face of the tiger.
  • there once was a dog
    who sat on a log
    he needed to poot
    so he decided to scoot
    away from the other poo in the fog
  • ok... here goes...

    I once met a girl named Gaga,
    She spoke of a strange poker saga.
    With such a queer face,
    Which no one could trace,
    His money flushed away like caca.

    Oh dear.   Here's another!!!

    Here's a sad tale of drama,
    That can be said to be one of karma.
    After such a long date
    it must have been fate,
    'Cause he had nothing to show except a llama.

    Yep, I'll be here all night folks!
  • There once was a girl from the Nor'west
    Whose proof-reading skills were the best
    She worked from dawn's early light
    Till late in the night
    No doubt putting her skills to the test.

    * I am a TA for an online high school, and keep really weird hours. Right now this describes me perfectly.
  • I know a fine lady named Mary J She makes me feel good and brightens my day She turns into smoke And for a moment I choke Off to the kitchen to grab cheetos, bread, cereal, and salsa. hahahaha
  • As a public service, I'm sparing you this one.
  • Okay, so I have a friend named Derek. A while ago he wrote me a limerick, and I saved it. Luckily, I recently found it. :] I will now let you see the amazingness:

    There once was a girl named Lexi....

    who could barely speak any Mexi (can)...

    she was my internett bff...

    and nothing rhymes with eff (Except maybe Jeff but that's not my name)

    and we chatted on skype drinking pepsi

    :] i was having a bad day and it made me smile. Just wanted to share it.

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