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Historian's Choice

If you could live in any era of history, which one would you choose?

Answers (226)

  • I'll take this one, if only because of the medical and surgical advances that have been made. I'd probably have died with the "childbirth fever" after the first baby if I'd lived in a time before antibiotics.

  • What era in history would I choose to live?

    Right here, right now.

    Unprecedented things are about to unfold in the history of mankind…things that were prophesied thousands of years ago in the Bible.

    We are a chosen generation.

    We are a chosen generation
    Rise up holy nation
    God, we live for You
    You have called us out of darkness
    and into light so glorious
    God, we live for You, we live for You, we live for You*

    * Chosen Generation lyrics by Chris Tomlin

  • The 17th century Japan. Samurai were still around, but there were no wars to kill you off. Or maybe the HAn Dynasty. Obsessive about Asian history...
  • definately the 70s.

    i would go back, just to meet him in the ziggy stardust era.
  • There are multiple eras where I think it would have been interesting to live. Especially if you stay to the upper class. However, outside of recent history as a person with a vagina (you know, a female) I'd have very few rights in most of the other eras of history. I don't like having anyone in charge of me, so this era is for me. Where I can be independent and be alone if I want to.
  • If I could choose to live in any era of history I would have to choose living in Japan during the time of the samurai. I've always been fascinated by Japanese culture, but the real culture not the technologically dependent culture of today. The way the samurai lived was simple, yet fulfilling. Living by the sword, sworn to protect honor, and living with the warrior spirit is something that intrigues me.
  • Хотелось бы родиться в начале 9 века на Руси,если точнее-в Гордарике(именно так нашу страну называли викинги и варяги).В Стране Городов!Дожить до глубокой старости и быть свидетельницей переломного момента-Крещения Руси.
  • A few different era's I would love to live in, and all are random.  Ancient Greece first off because I love Greece's history and Mythology, and to be apart of the world that started alot of our beliefs and everyday knowledge would just make me so happy.  Elizabethan era I would like to be in as well only because Shakespeare was alive then and I would enjoy seeing alot of his plays the way he wanted to be performed.  The mid-1800's as well, but only if I were somewhere in Europe because that was when my family was rich and would make clothes for the nobility and I do love the fashion, wierdly enough.  And last, I would actually want to be apart of 1950's-80's because the music is awesome and you didn't have to worry about everything everyday like we do now.

  • I never thougth about this, but when I think about history I like to read about the Roman period, the period of the Samurai or World War 2. Well you can understand that World War 2 is not the era you want to live in. It's interesting to read about it, but second it's hard to see that many many people died in this period.

    Well I'm curious how it was for me as a Geisha, from a Maiko to a Geisha.

    Geisha have their roots in female entertainers such as the Saburuko of the 7th century and the Shirabyoshi, who emerged around the early 13th century. They would perform for the nobility and some even became concubines to the emperor. It was in the late 16th century that the first walled-in pleasure quarters were built in Japan. Like so many aspects of Japanese culture, they were modelled after those of Ming Dynasty China. After they were relocated in the mid-1600s, they became known as Shimabara (after a fortress in Kyushu).
    Source: http://www.japan-zone.com/culture/geisha.shtml

    Well I don't know.. I like to live in the time of 'now', but history is still interesting ^^

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