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Writer's Block

Wardrobe Malfunction

Broken zippers, split seams, straps that come untied at the most embarrassing moment possible—what's your most memorable experience with an unexpected wardrobe malfunction?

Answers (212)

  • Worst one ever? The strapless dress I got for Easter this year that kept slipping down in church. Thank GOD for weird little short sleeved sweater things.
  • I'm bored, so here's an old question.

    Once, when I lost a lot of weight, I had not updated my wardrobe, and my pants fell down!

    Wow. that was so intellectual.

  • Well, your typical bra strap maneuver, and when I was on choir tour, we had a pool party.
    My bathing suit bottom was one that tied, and apparently the ties got caught up in the my jeans when I pulled them down, so down goes my bathing suit, down goes my dignity when I'm crying thinking everyone saw my butt [again].
  • ok i have to say my little brother is my wardrobe malfunction because i'll be carrying him and he likes to 1/ stick his hand down peoples shirts or 2/ pull my shirt down... isn't that great in a public place :P
  • my favorite, the jeans with the massive hole in the ass. laura knows what i'm talking about. the ones i ripped in michigan when i got into that grand marquis. that i ripped some more when i got into kevin's car, and again when i got out at meijer, and again when i got back in. EVERYONE, loved seeing my underwear that night. anyways. i love me. i don't remember how i was gonna explain that. but that's trufax.
  • Hmm, okay, this is gonna be good. Sophomore, high school, (which means this was just a few months back, January I think.) math class. I walk in, and notice a giant hole in my pants. Guess where? Yes, right on my no-no square. I yelled, of course drawing attention my myself, "Oh my gosh! I have a hole in my pants!" and point to it. Then the whole class talks about the whole time. Andddd, as an added bonus, the hilarity was brought over to 3rd period, so now my 3rd period class stil crakas jokes like, "Nice hole in your crotch." My nickame is Holy Crotch. I am so glad summer is in 14 days.
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  • Lol, I saw this and it reminds me of school, since my Janet Jackson moment happened in school :/ ahahah. You know the vj skirt's zipper is at the back right, so in the morning, I'm pretty much comatosed and drugged out, so I didn't really pay any attention to my attire, so I trudged into school and was kinda confused as to why people looked at me weirdly, then I adjusted my skirt since the slit was crooked, then did I feel that gaping hole at the back of my skirt!!!! I had walked alllllll the way into the canteen with my skirt zipper undone, thank goodness for fbts. That's not all, in j1, I was still quite used to the pinafore, where I don't really need to button all the buttons on my blouse, so in vj, even without the pinafore, I only buttoned alternate buttons, so there was this another gaping hole in my chest area. HAHA, I peered down and saw blue, HORRIFIC please. But those are a thing of the past, I pay attention to my attire now, hahaha.

    Driving later, sigh my cousin passed her test and I WANNA taKE MY TEST NOW! Damn you, Ubi! Soon soon soon, before United come to Asia, I'd have passed, I hope! HAHA.

    Totally no link, but I WANNA GO TO KL! My dad thinks its not worth it, I beg to differ because United IS worth it. I need to know who's coming first though, I mean, it would be a wee bit VERY wasted if Vida didn't turn up right? And instead, I see only Fletcher or O'Shea, I'll be devastated. Shall try to talk the father into letting me go! No is not an option.
  •  Jumping off a swing, only to have a button get snagged in the chain and rip my whole shirt open. (Eh, I was around 13-14.)

    There was a playground with a swing set where I lived. Me and my friends would go there and do little tricks on it. It was a big stunt to get really high on the swing and then jump off as you reach the peak of the arc. It was cool to feel like you were floating in the air before you landed. On that day my friends weren't around and I was by myself. But a lady was there with her young child. So fortunately I was not suddenly bare chested in front of boys. All the buttons on my shirt popped right off. I fell to the ground since my shirt was still attached to the chain, dragging me down in the dirt. I had the wind knocked out of me and was disoriented. The lady was very concerned and helped me, but I was so mortified! I think I may even have been trying to impress her and the little kid.
    lol FAIL!

    Aside from that I've had a few times where my fly was open. I always realize it later, cuz no one's ever said anything.
    Oh yeah, a few weeks ago I obliviously went grocery shopping with jeans that were torn in the back, right over my butt. So a piece of my skin was showing through...Again, didn't realize until later. Pretty careless.
    God, let me stop. This all sounds so pitiful!  @_@

  • I can say that the worst wardrobe mal function was a rip in my pants when I was in grade school. It ripped all the way up my pants and everyone could see my underwear. I remember being upset about it but after some time I didn’t really care.

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