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You Don't Know Me

Our friends don't always know us as well as they think, particularly when it comes to likes and dislikes. Which popular book, movie, band, food, TV show, etc. would your friends be surprised to hear that you don't like?

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    Justin Bieber- He sounds like a girl

  • It always astounds people to no end that I really, really don't like The Neverending Story (and I am talking about the book here, don't get me started on the film). 
    It is not my book. It's not speaking to me, I found it boring and stupid.
    Please go away now.
  • Twilight! I can't stand it! I've listened to some of the first book with my best friend, but I couldn't get into it.
  • Some of these will be more surprising than others and just because I don't like something doesn't necessarily mean I dislike it, but: 1. Comic Books This one surprises me just as much as I'm sure it might surprise anybody else who knows me. I love drawing and I've even had a few ideas for my comic book series, but I have no actual interest in the medium. I will go see a comic book movie, yes, but that doesn't mean you shjould expect me to be excited about the next issue of The Amazing Spider-Man just because I loved Spider-Man 2. The only comic books I own, unsurprisingly, feature Godzilla. Well, I also have Superman vs. Aliens and Batman vs. Predator, but again we have the same problem--those are comic books I got because they featured movie characters I liked. 2. Anime Sure, I own Akira on DVD. Yes, I've enjoyed quite a few anime series that I have been exposed to, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion or DNA Squared. And if Spirited Away counts, then I enjoyed that as well. But I found Ghost in the Shell about as stimulating as watching paint dry, and in general when people start discussing anime, my eyes kinda glaze over until they mention something I acually have some frame of reference towards. I think part of it is that I just can't stand the anime style of drawing faces. As I said before, I'm a bit of an "artist" and I always found drawing people challenging--still do, in fact--but by God, I struggled through. Then I'd see other "artists" in my age group proudly drawing this: Wow. You drew a triangle and called it a nose. Aren't you just fucking talented. Granted, it's not the fault of anime artists that lazy teenagers everywhere adopted their drawing style as a way to shortcut any honest effort--but I never said my feelings on that matter were rational. 3. Doctor Who Part of it is I didn't actually know that Doctor Who was sci-fi when I was a kid and it would air on PBS. It looked boring, like those Mystery! shows my parents always watched, so I never watched it. (The only part of Mystery! I ever watched, usually, was the opening by Edward Gorey because it was so damned cool) Sure, I eventually figured out it was sci-fi, but I still wasn't quite that interested. Why should I watch some stiff old English guy in a scarf flee from what looks like some sort of space toilet, when I could be watching James T. Kirk wrestle a Goddamn space lizard? A. Largely inanimate and can easily be foiled by a flight of stairs... B. Is a Space Lizard with a knife! When I got older and relatively more mature, I began realizing I'd apparently missed something great. And now Doctor Who has been reinvented for the hip, younger generation! I could totally watch it now! But I probably won't. If I'm gonna watch it, I'm gonna do it right and that means starting from the beginning. But frankly, I have no idea where the beginning is and I just don't feel it's worth it, anyways. Although.... 4. Transformers They're robots that turn into fucking cars! Why do I even need to explain why I think they suck? Come back with those Transformers that turn into dinosaurs and we'll talk. 5. The X-Files Not much to say here. I just never really gave a crap. I also saw the first movie and, seeing how it sucked, I wasn't really convinced that I'd been missing anything. 6. Ultraman Ah, yes. Here is where the jaws really drop. Surely I've been misheard. After all, you all know I like: So in theory I must like a show based entirely on: But I don't. I've never watched a single episode of it and I never felt particularly bad about that, either. Hell, the reason I harbor so much ill will towards Godzilla vs. Megalon is because of Jet Jaguar, who is an obvious Ultraman clone. God, I hate him so fucking much... I'm sure this is surprising to those of who recognize that my favorite Godzilla foe is Gigan, since he would not be out of place as an Ultraman monster of the week. However, this overlooks the fact that Gigan is friggin' awesome. Pictured: Gigan beating the crap out of Godzilla BECAUSE HE IS AWESOME. Of course, I actually plan to give Ultraman a chance, via Netflix. I'm just not in any hurry to do so.
  • Well, for one thing, I can't stand hip hop, rap. (Too much garbage in it for one, and who cares about gangs. What's the attraction, right?)

    As far as shows go, I don't like Family guy that much, since it is kind of dumb, as well as the Simpsons, since I think it lost it's flair. To be honest, I don't like television much, unless the show grabs my attention. Outside of that, I also don't like broccoli much. As far as bands go, there is one that I think I mentioned from another state that I don't like at all, and I won't even mention who they are, but they are on my shit list big time.

    I also can't stand football, the ghettos, an improv class that I took in January. (I still relive it every 5 minutes, unfortunately.) most sports, and I also don't like mayo on my food. It looks like mucus to me. Tastes like rotting garbage to me as well.

    I also don't like cake. It is just an awful taste to me, as well as I am lactose intolerant. I also can't stand cigarettes. What is so great about smoking, right?

    As for the rest of my dislikes, I think everyone knows, since they obvioucly read the journal entries, whether they leave a comment, or not, I am sure my entries are read. Feel how you wish.
  • Twilight [unrealistic and lame], Napoleon Dynamite [unfunny and lame], Fall Out Boy [unironic and lame], yams [grody], and Seinfield.

    Go me.

  • After reading too many Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, and Stephen King novels, and the like, I no longer can handle reading, watching or writing horror stories. My mind is to active and creative. I suppose it didn't help any that I normally read deep into the night, generally finishing the book shortly before dawn, and then having fanciful nightmares until it was time to wake up. Don't get me wrong, they are all wonderful writers, which is probably the point: they made the fanciful believable enough to plague my mind to this day. ;) Maybe 'plague' is too much, but occasionally, something reminds me of something I've read and then my mind goes off to wandering, pursuing shadows in the labyrinth of my mind.
  • probably meat. haha. im a vegatarian:D
  • Well.. I don't like: - Bastard (he who evil-ugly living dolls from Child's Play series I will still call him Bastard.) I mean I hate him forever XD - Twilight (sorry fans who love Twilight I not read them or watch the movie. It for reasons rabid fans who hurt them like what's happened to his friend's face got she threw acid on his face for hate Twilight. =/ that's uncool. and Twilight not good/right follow of vampires 'rules' never have sparkles. :P) - any rap/hip-hop/country/religious musics.. (sorry.. I not fan of any rap/hip-hop/country/religious musics *shrugs* That's my opinion) - any cheesecakes I never eat any in my life. It's not great taste to me >.>; - Whine people about blah blah blah (you know like If They not like your art as you created it or anythings bad talk about on their backs) but they're close-minded/immatures/brats. - no money -.-; - stressful - drink waters (:P I really hate it XD; I not drink water in 5 or 6 years of now XDD taste it are so boring/lousy to me :P If i am a pregnant of 9 months I will start drink hell water. -.- Surprise? for never drink water I still fine nothing happen to me I never go to the hospital. C;) - family (dad's and mom's sides) well because we not very great relationships that's too hard for me They was looking down on me for not 'blood' family of talking.. Me am born deaf and with 2 halfs colors in my eyes I was born with them. I am different then them. *shrugs* - no drive DX (i can drives I was in high school but I don't have a premise/lic. =/) - exams/tests - some 'unkind' people who not say sorry for doing wrong. - I always wanted items but are sold out.. T.T - no sleeping - Bored/normal people XD That's all ^^;
  • I've never answered any of these questions, but I saw this one  while ago and it stuck with me, so, fuck, I guess I'll answer it. Except, I'm not going to answer as it's posted.

    But rather, rephrase it to "which popular book, movie, band, food, TV show, etc. would your friends be surprised to hear that you DO like?".

    Because I was thinking about it; I have a few. I secretly love Lady GaGa, which I would never normally admit to anyone. As much as I used to yell at Bree for singing "Poker Face" around our dorm room, I secretly love that song. Also, Katy Perry. I embarass myself sometimes.

    You know who else? Eminem. What the fuck? I feel like, as a woman who isn't a complete fucking skank, it's practically my job to despise all forms of rap music, because, really, it's demeaning. I can't say I really enjoy hearing the female gender referred to as collective "bitches and hoes." But, still. For some, unexplained reason, I love him. 

    I feel dirty and tasteless sometimes, hahaha.

    I actually really like Indian music, too. Maybe not all is lost. I had a thing for languages that aren't mine...

    So, in other news, The Sims3 comes out THREE DAYS after I go to Cranberry Lake! Goddamn. Not that I have a laptop to play it on... yet. :\

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