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Swine Times

Are you worried about catching the swine flu? Do you have a plan for avoiding contagion or dealing with quarantine?

Answers (213)

  • Чушь собачья ,эти гриппы, те же предохранения ,чеснок,закаливание и.т.д
  • i live right on the border of mexico, and we're not panicking. half of our class are students that live in mexico and cross the bridge every single day. even though it's pretty scary seeing them wear masks to school we're not dying of terror. all over the valley schools are shutting down, because there's been cases of swine and there's been a lot of deaths in the valley. but it seems like everyone is forgetting about it now. it'll die off soon.
  • I am def worried I live next door to Mexico in California and my immune system is shot because I have anemia. I did wear a mask to the ER room as well. I dont want to catch a thing. I wash my hands ALOT and cover my mouth and nose and wont go to the mall or theatres this shit scares me!!!!!
  • на ум приходит цитата "Вчера на работе давали "свинину по-мексикански". мне страшно"

    ходят слухи(или не слухи,но я лично только слышал,так что для меня слухи),что уже и в России есть первый заболевший.

    А в универе сегодня была шикарная свинятина...ммм...
  • Am i worried about Swine Flu?? .... Nope, not really.
    There was a huge scare about Bird Flu, and hardly anything came of that, so i'm sure not much will come of Swine Flu. I see its a problem in Mexico, but its not really a threat here in the UK. I don't have a plan of avoiding the contagion apart from washing my hands, like you do anyway! lol (and i personally think the name that is given, is rather comical)

  • No and No.
    Because I don't care.
    And it isn't deadly when you're treated.
    Shock shock.
    Would everyone shut up about the swine flu already?
    I don't care anymore. I can more about itching mosquito bites.
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  • I didn't knew so much about the Swine Flu until I learn it came from the pigs in another country, but yes I do worry about catching it but luckily I live at a clear view in California, and I'm thankful that I don't have it. I'll do anything to avoid getting it.
  • I'm not really all that worried about that cause I don't live in the states with the swine flu cases. If a case is reported in NC and I know about I'll start wearing and mask and letex gloves, but that's just me.
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