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Do you volunteer your time or donate money to any charitable organizations? Which ones, and why?

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  • I volunteer my time to the Youth Baseball Program in my town. My dad is the president of it and I absolutely love what I do. I coach a 6-8 year old baseball team and I also do secretarial work for it. Sometimes I work the concession stands, too. It's such a good cause, I think. It gets kids out there, playing a wonderful sport, learning teamwork, and bonding with other kids. I just love knowing that I'm helping them out and giving them that experience.

    Really, if you don't volunteer, you should try it sometime. I guarentee you'll fall in love with some organization that you want to help or dedicate your time to. Or even if you just donate something once in a while -- it really helps, a lot :)
  • I do! Scottish Islamic Foundation are the big ones at the moment. They do pretty much anything, you just need to suggest an issue and if it fits with the organisations aims then you're free to pursue it. Over the past year through them I've organised a project which fed around 100 Asylum Seeker and Refugee families in glasgow. I've helped organise charity dinners which aimed to raise money for Gaza after the attacks on it by Israel. I'm currently attempting to set up Soup Kitchen volunteering and I'm also putting together a Film Festival to raise the profile of Scottish Muslim Film Makers. Islamic Relief Orphan Sponsorship & Islamic Relief I sponsor a 4 year old boy in Iraq and have done now for more than a year. It's a monthly donation of £27 that goes towards his food, vaccinations, education, clothes, family, anything he needs really. I do very much believe that helping just one person makes a huge difference and he is step one to what will one day be many. I also give money to Islamic Relief throughout the year. It's kind of my way of marking the death anniversary of those close to me as well, to donate to charity on their behalf. The blessings that come from it go to them rather than me and it's my way of remembering them. Stop The War You all know I'm very involved in Stop The War. I do loads of work with them, not as much recently, but I try to do what I can. Why? Because I believe that I make a difference in the movement and if everyone thought that way we'd have an even bigger movement. This year has been pretty quiet but I've been involved in various things on campus through them. Oxfam I shop in the Oxfam bookshop when I can and sometimes buy presents for people from the Oxfam gift shop (the one where you can buy people chickens and mosquito nets etc... that go to developing countries) Those are the big ones I can think of at the moment, I've missed out a few that I donate money to, but I'm sure they'll slowly come back to me!
  • Donating money to charities is certainly a good idea. I wish I had more cash at my disposal so I could donate to charities more often. However, I'm not employed right now. Not being employed certainly limits my economic options.
  • Absolutely!  Every paycheck I donate quite a bit of it to the "Carlton's Empty Pocket Fund" or CEP Fund for short. Millions of pockets in nearly every pair of pants I own suffer from lack of stuff to fill them, we are a non-non-profit organization dedicated to preventing the suffering of jeans all over my room and helping them re-establish contact with cash from the outside world.  If you want to help improve the lives of pockets all over Carlton's pants, message me for contact information and donate a little green love.
  • я трачу время.. готова тратить и больше, но всегда сталкиваюсь с одним и тем же- целой стеной, которую надо проламывать, чтобы помочь... такое ощущение, что только мне надо, что бы сельская библиотека нормально функционировала, чтобы у храма был порядок, что бы дети были живыми и потому ходить сдавать кровь... что бы сделать хоть одно доброе дело приходить переступать через множество гадких поступков! такими темпами ничего конструктивного не будет сделанно. Я более чем уверенна. что количество волонтеров и желающих помогать может быть в десятки раз больше... только этим людям, так же как и мне надо показать, что и как можно делать. и упростить все бюрократические процедуры.. иначе чувствуешь себя самоубийцей.
  • A few

    Boston Homeless
    I know theres more....
  • Мне нельзя их в руки давать я сразу же их раздаю. На это затрачивается определённая часть времени.
  • I don't know if other people would say this counts, but I volunteer my time frequently. I volunteer for my fraternity, all the events we do, and all of those things. I consider it a "charitable" organization because we're a service fraternity built to help, protect, and serve the musical community in our area and all over the world, and especially at our college.
  • I used to volunteer at a local MDA ( Muscular Dystrophy Association ) camp. But since I've gotten married I haven't been back. I attempted to do so in '05 but I had to back out a few weeks before hand because I had to keep my girls in line. And it was a good thing I did! Anyway, it was great doing it. I started in the summer of '96 when I had to do something before my Confirmation. It was either that or going to an Appalachian mountain town. Anyhoo, I felt called to the MDA camp than the mountain town. Not to mention, from what the others said, it was so freaking cold cause they had to go in the Fall. And apparently it was really cold that fall. Brr.. So, since about '96 - '98, I went without fail, and then in '00 - '04. The reason for the gap is because I lost my apps and couldn't go as a result. But I haven't been back since and I've been really sad about it. It was my favorite place to go in the summer. It took place in the last couple of weeks of June. And even though we're by a river, it gets damn hot, but that's ok. It was a very fun place to go. I'd really like to go back one day. Maybe next year once things are stabilized again. I was going to go in '07 but I was pregnant with Daniel, and '08 was just out of the question. * sighs * Hopefully folks will remember me. :-) I had some good friends there. Just the thought of being there makes me happy. It was hot, miserable experience sometimes, but...It felt really good. And I'd love to feel that way again.
  • I volunteer with Civitan, because  I find it to be enjoyable. The people I volunteer with are mostly great, the things we do and work toward are fun and it's just nice to know you're helping brighten someone else's day. I just really like it. 

    ....hm, maybe a little is because it makes me feel better about myself as well. I don't know.

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