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Beautiful Vistas

What is the most beautiful view you've ever seen? Have you been there, or do you plan to visit? If you have one, share a picture.

Answers (198)

  • Some mountains in Wyoming, and Nevada during sunsets. If I can, you bet I will.
  • Yosemite Falls' lower viewing area, with no illumination aside from the full moon...
  • Самое прекрасное что я видел в жизни- это и есть сама жизнь в любом её проявлении...) здорово за ней наблюдать, а ещё лучше участвовать) воть=)
  • I reckon that would have to be Spain. This rock at the coast of Blanes, to be more specific. The rock is called "L'Agula"  which you can see in the middle of this pic:

    I've been to Blanes twice in my life. Both times with school. In 2003 and in 2005. Both times we were there for about 5 days. Although we went into Barcelona during the days, I have had the most beautiful moments of my life around sunset, just standing on that rock, watching the sunset at the sea.

    This is one place I most definitely want to return to with that special someone, to share such beauty with them.

    No words can describe really, just how intense you can feel nature's beauty when you stand there.


  • Место красивое, я там был 4 раза. Но траверины меня не интересуют. Я угоряю по древнему городу. Археология - моя стрась.
  • I think probably the most beautiful scene for me is looking out over the Grand Canyon at the sunset.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it, but it was absolutely amazing!  Rays of every color in the spectrum jutting out from the horizon like giant spikes, the sun just this reddish-orange orb slowly descending, and Grand Canyon changing from day to night in the blink of an eye.


  • I don't have one in particular, but I have a few favorites.
    So, first one is London, viewed from the highest peek of the Millenium Eye. Back in 2007 I went with my mom to London for a few days. We saw lots of things, did a Jack the Ripper tour, went to a Monty Python musical and rode the Millenium Eye. 

    Second, the most beautiful building in the world, my personal favorite, couldn't be excluded from this list. Yeah, it counts as a view. The Notre Dame in Paris. Although it's a beautiful cathedral from the outside too, when I got in (in 2003) and sat down there, I felt really peaceful. That is exactly the right word for it... I was at ease, thinking things over, while staring at the amazing window:

    And I liked the Disney movie Hunchback from the Notre Dame a lot too. That helped a little I guess... 
    Anyway, moving on... You may think I'm a city person (which I am) but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy the countryside as well. One of the things that I remember clearly is the view there was when I was sitting on the walls of the Italian city Volterra:

    I think that was back in 2002... But it doesn't seem like that long ago! What IS long ago, is when I first saw the Alps. I never imagined mountains to be so high when I was nine ( in 1999). We were on our way to Italy (by car) and had to pass through the Alps. I remember asking my mom halfway through Germany if these big hills were the Alps, but she laughed and said they were a lot higher and this was just the beginning of it. So I was pretty amazed when I saw those high rocks. It was also the first time I saw waterfalls, if I remember correctly. 


    I seem to be going back in time, which wasn't really my plan. 
    I'll never forget my schooltrip to Greece in 2005. Though Athens wasn't the best part of the trip, the view on the Acropolis was amazing. Everywhere around me there was city, city, city. 

    No, Crete was the best part. There was this little beach where little sea creatures were floating around and it was so beautiful! I don't know where exactly it was though:

    Well, of course I have seen much more views, but that would be quite a long post. Anyway, these are my favorites. I hope I can add some views outside of Europe one day, because I really wanna go explore the world!


  • I don't believe in just ONE beautiful picture; the Earth is full of beautiful pictures. :)

    This is in Stratford-upon-Avon. It was at a famous authoress's house. I went there as part of the tour. :)

    At a place related to Shakespeare. I can't recall it. I love the vivid red colour. :)

    Got this in an email. Gahhh, I really want to go here if it exists. >.<

    I have a lot more, so next time. :)
  • i see it evryday, but now I dodge the bullet..
  • any place where i can see the sunset is a beautiful view for me. i have that in common with the little prince. however, there's this special place where i truly enjoy watching the sun set which is along the coastal area here in the philippines (the expressway going to las pinas/cavite.) it's just breath taking seeing the blood red sky with streaks of dark blue and a bit of orange-y yellow. and what's even more special is to see these same colors reflected in the still waters. brutal beauty. sadly, i have no pictures since it's an expressway and i just can't get off the bus to stop there.

    also, high places give me the most beautiful views especially at night. i love city lights and i love stargazing and high places offer me both views at its best. there's a special place for this too...at least for me. it's somewhere in pasay, the roofdeck of antel towers. i don't know if this place is special because of the view or because of the memories it holds but it's beautiful all the same. i have a picture but the quality is crappy, i'd rather not post it.


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