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Have you ever Googled your own name? How do you feel about the results?

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  • I do all the time. What happened was alot of confuion, until I decided to put in "exact phrase". This way, I got what I was looking for. In a way, very fascinating. Another, very curious
  • Come on over to , the new archive community for old Writer's Block questions!
  • jI got lots and lots of cups ...lol little cups resturants streets mostly cafes
  • THERE WAS NOTHING!!! i wasn't expecting anything either, but still. THERE WASN"T ANYTHING!!!
  • *sigh* yes.... and there was a grand total of TWO pages I came up on. Both related to a group I was briefly involved with in uni. I was part of the Mindbenders (or Mindmasters, or something like that) group that was put together as a promotional thing cos the uni was sponsoring it that year. We won the prelim - mostly cos we were the only group to enter the open division - and went on to the finals, vhere some other team got to go to the semis in New Zealand. Funny, that....
  • I get Abu Dhabi Indian School (wtf?!), business intelligence companies, stuff about AIDS, some pharmacare, Russian intelligence systems, Ethiopia's capital, dogs, cats, and guitars by my name. WTF?!
  • its crappy. really. i tried so many times. haha. idk maybe im just lamee.
  • I've googled my name three times and I still get porn and Law and Order...
  • LAKSjgalvb;khg;kahvb;akjhb;aehg;akjhbg;aekhg;walkhg;alwhgal;kwhgawl;hgalkwhg;wlkhg;awlkhglw *tear*
    That is my reaction after watch the latest Avatar (thank God for Canada. And the fact we FINALLY are watching new Avatar’s before the US!). Reasons for reaction:
    1)      Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. Zuko. ZUKO!!! Not only is he so ‘effin HOT this season (especially after dumping Mai), he’s happy! He has such a cute smile and it was so awesome watching him and the frog. I squealed so much that my throat is soar and my brother kept telling me to shut up. And so repentant and sad. My heart almost broke during the Iroh flashback scenes and the scene with Toph. I have officially regained my fangirl for him. It’s always been there, but since he was such a freakin’ JERK until the Eclipse episodes it got buried. But now she’s back and more fangirly than ever.  
    2)      The Zutara Interaction. Yes, people. Interaction. He was nervous when Katara gave her verdict on whether or not he could say. He apologized for the necklace. She nearly drowned him. She talked about he almost fooled her into thinking he was a human being. And the end. I almost didn’t get the end, because I thought the episode was done after Sokka told Aang that things would get weird. Luckily I watched to make sure it was done. And it wasn’t and I’m happy. A death threat! Not the most…happiest thing to get happy about, but it means something will happen. Something will have to happen. The creators can’t just give us a cliffy after giving us that scene. (Well, ok, knowing them, they can. It wouldn’t be nice, but they can.) But there is the hope that Katara and Zuko will battle. And it will be amazingly awesome and every Zutara fan will just DIE watching it. Or some big scene where he asks her why she doesn’t trust him and why they just can’t forgive each other. Actually, a whole episode dedicated to that would make my Christmas.
    3)      The Gaangs reaction to Zuko. Well, Sokka and Katara’s reaction didn’t surprise me much (though Katara’s was more violent than previously thought). I thought for sure Aang would say “yes” because, as Zuko pointed out, he did say they could be friends. I guess Aang just gave into peer pressure (No! Bad boy! BAD AANG!!!!). And Toph was sweet. Except when Zuko admitted to the assassin thing. Then she got pissed. But she was still the only one to try and accept Zuko
    4)      The Zuko and Toph moment. No, I will not ship them. I prefer Tokka and Zutara. They would, however, make good friends. But that’s later. When Zuko burned- accidentally- Toph’s feet I was..well…I actually don’t remember. I was in suspence. Zuko sounded so sorry though, since he didn’t know it was her and it was an accident. Toph acted like I thought, all angry and “Don’t you dare come near me”. And understandable, since her method of seeing is gone. I felt so sorry when she appeared back at camp and had to admit what happened. I feel like Toph wants Zuko to join, since he’s the only Firebender they know who will teach Aang. It must’ve really hurt to admit that Zuko burned her. And even when she tried to explain, they rest got angry. Therapy is what that group needs. Serious therapy.
    5)      The Indiana Zuko moments. There were many, and all were iconable. I’ve made 2, but since my internet decided to crap out, I can’t get any more screenshots. But throughout the whole episode he is climbing cliff walls, swinging on ropes, swinging on vines, generally being heroic. But that relates to point one (where I repeat his name and say he’s hot)

    ok...that was longer than previously intended. Wow, I'm so inarticulate when I rant. Most things start with "but" or "Well" or some other stupid term. And it's not articulated. Did I mention that? It's all over the place. It's a rant, though, and it's not being marked. I'm forgiven.

    ...I have written more here than I did for my LA personal response...
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