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Helping the Less Fortunate

What do you do for those who are less fortunate than you? What do you wish you did more of, if anything?

Answers (135)

  • whoa!  if that's the case, I will be lucky.  I believe that being a fortunate doesn't mean that you have nothing and being rich doesn't mean you can give everything.  I will give them my time as I help them in their daily living.  Those money, fancy dresses and foods were just another thing.  As the famous quotation goes, "Don't give him a fish but teach him how to fish".  Through my talent and skills I can help them by enhancing their own capabilities.
  • What do you do for those who are less fortunate than you? I wish them luck. About all I *can* do, the situation I'm in. What do you wish you did more of, if anything? Money. A job.
  • i'd give them the last dollar i had. i'd give them anything. if they wanted food-i'd buy them food. if they wanted 20 bucks-id hand it right ti them if i had it. i really would. they deserve to eat too. idk, im really big hearted.. id give them anything.
  • My family has gave money and I have helped with collecting food for the local food pantries along with giving old toys/clothes/ect to local places that sell the things to low income people. I want to help collect more food,give things away I no longer need, and just donate money.
  • I've helped out at food pantries and stuff. And I get an education. In order to help people in the future, I think that it's important to be able to have an education so you can use it to help people in the future by becoming an advocate for them.
  • I like to feed the homeless. There's no shortage of evil corporate types desiring to sell their souls to me. Unfortunetely, there aren't enough hours in the day to harvest the damned souls AND turn their bodies into Soylent Green. I need to hire some minions.
  • So, this week's heartbreak has been brought to you by the letter F, the number 400, and the word "DEBT". I am not tremendously in debt to Regions, but I owe them like 300 dollars. I need to get a job soon to pay it off, so I can get their loan in August. I need it like babies need leashes, but still. I'd be able to make car payments and get a new laptop and get more food if I got a loan. I also owe my mom $100. My dad gave me a free $200, but half of that went to the bank and half of the OTHER half went to groceries. My mom's money went into her gas tank and on food for her house, and laundry change and TracFone minutes. What is this rubbish leading up to? If I had a million dollars, I would not keep it all to myself. I would give it to people that needed it more than me. All I really need is about 100 thousand for the next five years, then I would be able to live comfortably. There are people that need homes, food, and medical help. Money is the root of all evil, but it could be used for good things. I despise those snobby rich people that take and take and never give. But I'm sure they've never known what they could help with their money... they are too far removed. So, all in all, my depression over this is stupid. I need to get back on track and start typing up some papers.
  • I've helped out in soup kitchens, donated time to lawyer offices for sexual abuse victims, cleaned parks, helped baby sit, donated clothes to goodwill, gave change to the hobos who don't beg [the ones who do are typically college kids who want money without working], donated money to Crusade For Children, and volunteered at the Red Cross Foundation.
  • I clean out my closet and dresser every few months and give any cloths that I know longer wear to the good will. Its good stuff. But I wish I could help more.
  • I was in some inoculous third world country. Trying to help a family less fortunate than us, we gave them food and helped them with getting a doctor. The next day they shot at us... Less fortunate doesn't mean they want the help, care for the help, or even like you enough to receive it.
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