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Who do you think it is easier to talk about your problems with: your friends, your family, or strangers?

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  • I found a little bit of the aforementioned for me, since sometimes, it is easier to talk about things with a stranger sometimes, since you don't know them, some may feel more comfortable, while others tend to talk to friends. It's a matter of personal comfort and preference. Some people like strangers, others don't. To each their own.
  • I find that it’s easier to talk about my fears with my awesome boyfriend. Ultimately, he listens to me a lot better than my ex ever did—that is, when things fell apart between us. Nothing’s more wonderful than having someone in my life who is such a good helper and listener. Sometimes, Sean doesn’t have to really say anything—just he there for me whenever I’m going through a difficult time—or afraid because of having to go through something that I’ve no memory of actually doing—probably because I was so young. When I have to be away from him for a specific amount of time—I’m scared of being in a strange place without him by my side. He comforts me better than anyone else. He picks me up whenever something has knocked me down. He knows exactly how to attempt to make things all right again, especially whenever it seems like nothing is going right whatsoever.
  • Honestly it depends. MOstly friends for sure, i have a bad history with my family and attempting to talk about my problems with them- love them, but not the best listeners. I had a really good friend that i meet and instantly clicked with and she knew everything about me, i mean everything, but we rarely talk anymore. My bestfriend and i dont really talk emotional problems for some reason. she still doesn't know about alot of the fucked up shit in my past, never seems the right time to talk about that sort of thing plus i have this HUGE problem with crying in front of people- a habit formed when it was frowned upon in my family.

  • Every one of us has issues.

    Everyone of us needs someone to talk to.

    I confide in a trusted friend or a family member, but never a stranger.


  • strangers of course
  • stangers
  • Who do you think it is easier to talk about your problems with: your friends, your family, or strangers?

    It depends on what your problem is. Sometimes, my best friend is the easiest person to talk to. I can tell him anything and I would trust him with my life, despite the times he has let me down, he has been there for me a hell of a lot more than anybody else in my life. He has been a (mostly) constant person throughout the five years I have known him, and he knows me better than I know myself. On the other hand, there will always be incidents or topics that you find it hard to talk about with your closest ones, which is sometimes a good time to talk to a complete stranger about something. However, I still think I prefer to talk to my best friend because I can tell him anything, no matter how embarrassing or shameful it is!

  • Strangers
    You don't have to concern yourself with how they'll take whatever you have to say
  • This question really got to me. Sometimes i feel so much better talking to some one i barely know anything about then my own family. I hate it my family doesn't listen to me. I feel like they make fun of my a lot of the time. Other times they just ignore me or yell. I end up crying every time i have a conversation with my mom she makes me feel like a bad person. I HATE IT. My friends can help me sometimes, but if they know a lot about me sometimes i move on to some one different to see if the advice it better. No offence to anyone.
  • I prefer to keep my problems to myself. Otherwise, I write letters to my muse, Charo. If you don't know, Charo happens to be the entity that I address my blog entries to in order to make it more personal. Think of Anne Frank and her "friend", Kitty. Anyway, at least I can be more honest with her because she won't tell anybody.
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