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Seven Days

Which day of the week do you least look forward to? And which one do you most anticipate?

Answers (227)

  • My job doesn't have that, as well as me life. I look forward to pretty much any day, if I have something to do. If not, any day can be a good day, as long as I have something, even if it is routine. :) #elliotrodger
  • I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays most because my boyfriend and I can just spend time together. These two days don’t really usually have anything going on. We both also look forward to Wednesday nights because that’s our wii bowling night for competitive league play. It’s a fun night and time because we’re doing what we enjoy, while trying to beat the other teams we’re competing with. We’re also looking forward to Friday. Weather permitting, my mom’s coming for another visit. Sure, we’re going to deal with health insurance stuff, even attempt to get both of us switched to a new doctor, but that’s going to be long and tiresome part of the day. The fun part of the day’s going to be just going to lunch, doing shopping, hanging out—and even trying to go to a restaurant Sean’s parents probably haven’t even been to.
  • every day is something to look forward to, unless there is a reason not to. Most days are just that, a day, unless there is an event or an anniversary of something, but that mostly is with dates in a month.

  • Monday
  • Least: Monday's...it makes me realize that my weekend is over and I have to get back to school or work and all that junk. I love my weekends cause I usually end up doing something exciting. The weekdays, not so much. So Monday's...basically bring on disapointment.

    Most: Well, this would sound odd since the day I least look forward to is Monday, but the week I most look forward to is 7pm on Wednesday night :) Wanna know why? The answer is simple, a brand new episode of Ghost Hunters or GHI and three repeats :) It's my night! Lol.
  • Monday, and friday i most anticipate!
  • It honestly depends on the events taking place on that day test, presentation, work, things like that. Mostly though I would say the end of the weekend and the beginning of the work week.  
  • I least look forward to Wednesday.  Hardest day of the week.  Inbetween two weekends.
    I most anticipate Saturday.  No school, which is great.  Lounging around all day.  And sex with Tommy when he's here.

    Oh yeeeeeeah.  Saturdays are good.

  • Мне уже страшно. Меня же рядом никто не защищает. Я как то много написала. Я бы ввела новый восьмой день. И тогда будет не семья, а восемья. Это 4*2
  • Sunday I least look forward too. Saturday I look most forward.
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