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Guarding the Terrorists

If you were ordered to become a prison guard for alleged terrorists and live at Guantanamo, what would you find most difficult about your job?

Answers (152)

  • Reconciling working for the State while being a Minarchist. Quite honestly, I'd feel like a whore.
  • First of all what a horrible job who would choose that. But if I had no choice but have that job then I think the worst part of my job would be witnessing others being mistreated. I would hope I could do the right thing and stand up but I have a pretty weak personality that's another reason that would be the worst job for me.
  • I think that it'd be most difficult to have to be a part of holding them in prison since they've been charged with no crimes, and often are unable to even know the charges/evidence that would be used against them. Hmm, so, yes, either that *or* the hardest thing might be knowing that despite nearly half a century of propaganda, the only people in Cuba holding prisoners without charges are Americans.
  • Finding the best way to quit and relocate.
  • my problem would be not having any bias. 'alleged' or not, the definition of the word 'terrorist' is imprinted in my brain as a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to kill or injure his/her target. all based on a skewered idea/hunch that we are evil. I can be sympathetic, but when you spit on me, i spit back.
  • not peeing my pants from the fear of it all..........i dont want to be the thin barrier between sunstacal danger and the world i could get killed in the processs
  • Knowing that the idiot in the White House is going to set the terrorist free at the end of the year with our tax money to help them build a new life-yeah like they really care about us Americans.
  • I take orders from no one save Lord Satan and a cabbage named Ralph.
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