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Prison Time

If you were sent to prison for an undefined amount of time, what would you miss most?

Answers (271)

  • (Ah, a relevant topic at last, ripped from today's headlines.) Sex. Come to think of it, that's what I miss most now.
  • I don't know, the people I care about, I suppose.  Yeah, I definitely would not want to be stuck inside a prison for a crime I didn't commit and be forced from my loved ones on some crap charge.  Or if I were unlucky enough to be imprisoned in another country simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I would most definitely would miss my fellow Americans all too much.  Funny though, I'm not a social person by nature.  I like being alone.  The mind be a funny thing indeed.
  • My son.
  • Family/friends, no question

    ...but I'd die with out them, my music, my books and my movies anyway, so
  • I'd miss the people I see everyday the most. I'd miss my family, of course, But I'd also miss my friends, what little I have. I don't think they understand how much they mean to me, and I am happy they put up with me day in and day out. I actually think I'd miss my sister the most, she just gets me, no matter how much or how little we get along from day to day, I still love her with all my being, and I don't think I'd last long without her. I'd also miss italian food, stuff's the best. I love love love lasagna(meatless), and italian dressing for salads.
  •  My mother and father and the whole outside world you get lonely if you were dealing with abunch of prisones is a room for  how long. I would run out and be so happy loll!

  • First and foremost my three wonderful children because they are the heart and soul of everything I do. Without them there is nothing.

    Then in the true spirit of being a tech geek, and a crackberry for life....I would miss my BlackBerry. Without that I do not know how I would survive. I fear that the cold sweats and withdrawls from that alone may be far worse that any drug ever ingested lol.

  • i would miss music the most probably just kidding naw family defiently cause noone can annoy u like ur dad telling u to get off the computer
  • Duh, my cats!  Like anything else would really matter.  Okay, and the dogs too...
  • my dad and friends
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