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How Soon Is Now?

What scientific or medical breakthrough do you most want to happen in your lifetime?

Answers (216)

  • My unrepentant dream for a scientific breakthrough would be recognizing/receiving a communication from another sentient species in the galaxy (or sending out our communications and having a returned response). This is extremely unlikely in my lifetime, but like I said ... a dream.... Otherwise, hoping for a more compassionate/respectful human race for other human lives isn't exactly a medical/scientific breakthrough, regrettably.

  • a cure for cancer would be really great!^^ but my most wanted one definitely a cure for my own disease.. actually it's not a life threatening disease but there's no cure for it now n the final option is still a surgery (but in mostly case it would come back even after some surgeries).. this disease really interfere with my daily activity a lot, so hopefully someday the cure would be found :)
  • Working telomere stabilization therapy.
  • A cure for autism, one that works on every type regardless of placement on the spectrum...one that every family could have access to...one that would enable people affected by the condition to be completely and totally "normal".
  • Scientists are working on making it possible for lesbians to have children that look the two parents just like children between men and women. Men can't do it because they don't have the right chromosome but i bet it'll be possible later on. The child will have the genes of the two parents but it can only be a girl... I can't wait for it to be possible and fool proof and cheap. Once I'm married I'd love to do that with my baby. :D
  • I want cancer to be cured for my grandpa.
  • How fantastic would it be if they found the cure to cancer!
  • Please google these terms, otherwise you probably wont be able to make sense of this post :P

    TELEKINESIS! How cool would that be? And it will happen. <3 Cryokinesis would be really cool as well. And I'd love to be able to try and succed at Channeling. Materialization would be cool - CHIPS PLEASE! MONEY PLEASE! bam, there they are.

  • That someone has finally found a cure for HIV

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