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Ripped from the Headlines

What news story have you heard or read lately that made you really angry? What about one that made you really happy?

Answers (231)

  • I don't really follow the news, but anything that has to do with people I don't care for makes me mad. What makes me happy to read? The obituaries.

  • This year the popular group KAT-TUN started their tour in Okinawa [the southernmost prefecture in Japan] and spent the whole summer gradually making their way north across the country. Tomorrow they will perform their final concert in the decidedly cooler lands of Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture in Japan.
    Before moving to Hokkaido they performed in Niigata. A certain KAT-TUN member sent the following message right after the live performance there!

    “We just finished out Niigata concert.
    It was the first time for KAT-TUN to perform live in Niigata,
    and we really had a great time. I think our fans enjoyed our performance too.
    We got to eat lots of tasty rice [Niigata is a major producer of rice], and so we were able to make the most out of our stay there.

    Next we’ll be heading to Sapporo, Hokkaido, for our last concert.

    I’m thinking about getting a massage tomorrow.”

    Here’s a pop quiz:
    Who wrote the message?

    The answer is…

    …someone called the ‘Granddad’ of KAT-TUN!

    …that practically gave away the answer!
    The message was penned by the oldest member of KAT-TUN, and recently a fan of massages: Nakamaru Yuichi!

    On their days off the members are giving their bodies some well-deserved rest. They’re making sure that they are completely ready for the very last concert of their tour.

  • Yama-P (Yamashita Tomohisa) has been very busy, with a lead role in a drama and hosting the upcoming ’24 Hour TV’. [Large-scale charity TV program broadcast for 24 hours straight.] Now there are rumors that he is mulling over escaping from Japan!?
    The following pretty much sums up how he’s feeling.

    “The evening breeze is getting cooler!
    Oh man, that means winter is near.
    For someone like me who hates winter, it’s really depressing (laugh).
    I wish I could run away to some far off place down south.
    No, seriously.”
  • Wow, my first post & I pick a kind of depressing one!! I think the one that has really made me angry is the one about Sandra Cantu. Actually all stories about bad things happening to kids, make me angry. I just have the hardest time wrapping my head around what makes a person snap like that. I've studied different criminal behaviors in school, but I still don't understand what goes off in someone's head that  justifies it to themselves. It's horrible when a crime is committed against another adult, but when it's against a child, who is basically an innocent, I just don't get it. I'd hate to be on the jury when this lady comes to trial.
  • Nadya Suleman's story made me angry. With six kids she can't properly care for already and she has fertility treatments to have eight more?! As for what made me happy... I can't say, not much from the news does, that's why I don't pay attention to too much of it really...
  • id say one that made me angry was the one about those nine and ten year old boys being practically beaten to death by two other ten year old boys. i mean how sick, they're ten for fucks sake, how did young children get to be so violent, they apparently had knives as well. how does a ten year old get hold of a knife, well i understand from the home or whatever, but at their age they shouldn't even contemplate using them in such a way. godd, it's like that year seven at our school, there's something wrong with children now, i'd never have even thought at ten years old to carry a knife let alone use it to harm someone else.
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  • A new story I herd was one about a kid in aQuit Smoking commerical was actually scared to cry! And now I think that's pretty messed up if you wanted and actor then hire one who would actually do it,know it, and wouldn't have to get so scared like that. And what's even worse i how his mother just played along with it! The one that I herd made me feel happy is cute little Panda's I saw!
  • GOOD:- obama
    BAD:- global warming
  • I am really mad about the fact that the stupid jerks in congress are begining to micromanage our lives. Talk about a huge mistake.

    The good news that makes me happy is that miley virus is not making anymore hanna montana movies, that means her empire is starting to fall. Have you noticed that I used no capital letters.

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