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Personal Strength

Where do you find your personal strength?

Answers (244)

  • I love this question and I'm so glad you asked...

    The LORD is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him. - Exodus 15:2
  • From God and people close to me.
  • My friends and family. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be half as strong as I am now.  Now, I'm the one who protects them. I'm the one they go to when they need to talk or have someone just be there for them. No matter what, I'm always there for them. There's no reason not to be.... :-/

  • On the inside I always want to know that im better or that Ive done a better job that anyone else. Its important to me that others think im a really good person. So I push myself the hardest when someone is counting on me or when they count me out also.
  • I find it from my daughter, just looking at her makes me believe that no matter how hard things are or how bad things feel things will be okay.   I just remember that no matter what she did not choose to be born or brought into this world.  That no matter what she needs me 100% and I'll always be here for her!

  • I get my strength from my mom and my belated grandmother. they are heroes to me.
  • I find my strength in my family and friends...they help me so much with dealing with things and giving me encouragement. But mostly I find my personal strength in God. Because no matter how bad it is or how much i think it is worthless...God always gets me through it. I feel so bad or hopeless at times...and God is the only one that can get me through it. I am going through something that i feel is a horrible and helpless time right now...but I know without a doubt that God will get me through it. And that's all that matters.

  • This is a really hard question, which is why I picked it. I think mostly I just do what I have to to survive. I'm strong because I have to be, I rely on myself because I don't have anyone else to lean on. I can lock myself inside, and cry and feel sorry for myself of I can be strong, and go out and keep trying.There's no other choice, being weak would mean death or going back to my parents, and those are a lot worse options.
  • From the love I feel for others, and the love I feel from them, and from my inner thoughts.
  • i think my personal strenght comes from the fact that i need to be strong and i guess when things get worse i seem to find more inner strenght even if i think ive hit rock bottom i always can pull myself back up and keep going so i guess to put it simply my strenght comes from nessicity
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