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Things You Don't Want to Know

If you knew that a friend's significant other was cheating on him or her, would you tell your friend the truth or keep it to yourself?

Answers (242)

  • I've been there and I told the person, nobody deserves to be cheated on, no matter if it hurts a little first, knowing is the best for all
  • When my friend has declared someone to be his official girlfriend (not really sure it's at that point yet), I think I'd have to tell. Of course, how would I get to Canada that fast? Also, I don't have that many friends to blab to.
  • hmmm.. better be yes.. :D its really much better to tell them the truth rather seeing them cheating.
  • If she/he was my best friend that I tell everything, then YES I would tell if I was 100% shore.
  • If I knew for sure they were, then Yes I would. But if I just thought they were No, not until I could prove it.
  • well i would probably confront the cheater and tell them i know and they need to come clean and then if they didn't tell i would because the person being cheated on deserves to know no matter what they decide to do about it.
  • Last time I did that, my friend thought I was the one sleeping with his girlfriend. FUN TIMES. :D
  • If I was absolutely sure that he/she was cheating on him/her I would tell him/her. It's usually better to find out about something like this as soon as possible.
  • to be honest id tell them, cause i know if it was happening to me id want to know, but then again they migh not believe you over their 'significant other' but you've gotta give it a try, because you'll just feel guilty if you don't tell them as you know what's going on, and they will prolly find out even if you don't tell them, then if they find out you knew all along and didn't tell them, then they're gna feel betrayed or whatever.
  • I'd give the significant other an ultimatum. If there's one thing I don't like, it's cheating. 24 hours, either they tell or I will. I do know that this will be a lot harder to do than it sounds, now, but come on! I'd want my friends to tell me, too.
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