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Caution, Meet Wind

When was the last time you threw caution to the winds? And what were the consequences?

Answers (207)

  • Last time I threw caution to the wind,  I met htis amazing boy in a bookstore and I've loved everyday since. The most beautiful moments in life seems to find you when your not looking. So want to keep on not looking with me? By the way, if you haven't figured it out yet, it is Jack's mom. Love you babe
  • One of the numerous times Ive been drunk. The results normally involve be being obnoxious, bad picture, nudity, regrets, and being the butt of peoples jokes the next day.
  • I think I throw my caution to the winds too many times to even count or remember the last time I did so now XD"...
    Probably it was that time when I had a test the day after but I was too busy following the call of the internet, even when I knew the consequences are not gonna be so nice...haha, but I was glad I pulled it through 8"D

  • The Situation: 2 AM. Dave's House. I was alone and had a knife that I thought wasn't sharp.

    Consequence: It was.

  • uh...i'm a cautious person by nature..so this doesn't happen
  • Hmm...that's hard to determine. I'll say the last major time would be moving from St Louis back to Kansas City during the time of economic downturn when I had seemingly better job opportunities in StL at the time. Now, I'm still looking for a job and my credit rating is badly damaged. However, I don't rate my happiness based upon my credit rating. After working in St Louis, I found I wasn't too happy being there. I wanted to actually move back to Springfield, MO to continue my college education, but I couldn't find a good job down there. Therefore, I decided to move back to my hometown of KC so I could work, get back into college classes and utilize my pre-existing social net there... Other Incidents? Speeding It earned me about 4 tickets, 2 warnings and a car search since the beginning of this century. I try not to excessively speed in very light traffic or at night anymore since that's when I'm most vulnerable. I drove from St. Mary's, GA to Billings, MT I ended up with a relationship. It went bad later on through my own actions, but there were plenty of good memories and acquired wisdom. Other numerous road trips and social outings I ended up seeing wonderful new places and constantly got to stimulate my desire to travel. I also ended up meeting more people than I could ever imagine over the past few 4 to 5 years. The negative results were my increased debt and I'm still not done with college. However, I just can't regret those times. I actually fear I may never see similar times like that ever again. I just can't accept the supposed ultimate fate of settling into some 9-to-5 job as a corporate whore for the next 20 to 30 years. My hope is to make it part of my life's mission to experience as many adventures--big or small--for the rest of my life. Otherwise, what stories will I have to tell throughout and at the end?
  • I thought about simply skipping over this question but then that wouldnt be right. Because I had set a goal back in November to write a blog post EVERY day. A few times I became a bit off track. Anyway, getting back on topic ....

    I've probably thrown caution to the wind more times than I care to admit. Never does it turn out to be a good thing. Two of my three pregnancies were unplanned because of this. There were one night stands, or spending sprees that I paid for later..
    No matter how you look at it, whatever it is your doing. You can tell yourself whatever you want at the time to try and make yourself feel better and justify your actions..but that little voice inside your head is telling you to stop and walk away. Its telling you "this can't turn out good".

    Its just a matter of time before you realize that the little voice was right all along..

  • i went on a walk on a windy day with Miranda...

    caution hit me in the face. i fell over.
  • well, im the kind of girl who likes to splurge...on music. haha specifically iTunes. I currently have $6 to my name....concequence much? I also gave my prom date my number because, well, he's my prom date. now he wont stop texting me. its so annoyinggggg. :|
  • I'm an Aries; do you want me to list those I've done today or major ones from the past? The most consequencial must have been the time I let that man marry me. Things really changed! It's been 22 years and counting.
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