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What do you think happens to us when we die?

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  • Oddly enough, we just watched a spiritual movie about trusting God on Tuesday. Not even a day later, one of the residents passes away, then having faith in God is the topic of the message at our weekly worship service. Is it odd just how these things managed happen back-to-back-to-back? Could it have been God trying to speak to me through this wild chain of events—trying to get me to pay more attention to Him? I’m not sure what happens to our physical bodies; however, I think we go to Heaven if we have a relationship with Jesus. That’s why my wonderful boyfriend, Sean “Mixingk” Keffer, and I regularly attend the weekly worship service in our building. We want to be used to spread God’s love to those around us, and be there for one another if anything bad happens to either one of us.
  • I don't believe in that mumbo jumbo, but I know we don't suffer anymore, and we are away from everyone else.

  • Unless preserved or cremated (and the like), your body decomposes and eventually there's little remnant that could be discerned without genetic tests.

    Is there an afterlife? Who knows? If I had to say either way, no. It's a nice thought that this life isn't the (unless you're talking about those ridiculous concepts of hell) end, but that's all it is. A nice thought.
  • I think that regardless if you believe in an afterlife you should live THIS life as though you are -gone- when its over.  You should VALUE what you have, and cherish it.  You should value the relationships/friendships you form because what else is the POINT of life if not to LIVE?  For a disclaimer i DO believe we have some energy (a soul?) and that there is some intelligent force guiding the world.  You can call it god, or you can believe that its the sum super energy of the whole universe acting as a super organism, similar to how bacteria in our own bodies cant possibly understand the intelligence of the beings they live inside of.  But all of that doesnt matter.  Thats -after- death and since up to this point death has been a fairly one way path of travel i dont see us getting a scientific answer for some time.  Which means we should not worry about contemplating the unavoidable and instead focus on what we do know. That decisions in this life affect others lives.  That friendships in this life are beautiful things.  That we have kindness, beauty, art, passion, love, lust, games, sports, jobs and hobbies to let us CHOOSE our own definition of the 'meaning of life'.

    So if you believe we are gone when its over living your life by those standards is the best you can do as it will give you (and those around you) the most happiness in your one pass thru the universe.  If you believe in an afterlife that is determined by what you do in this life then AGAIN living your life as if that afterlife didnt exist is what will give you the most credit with whatever god or pantheon you choose to believe in.  So for deaths sake stop worrying about what happens 'after' and live as though today is what matters.  It truely does.

  • Heaven? Hell? It's not that simple. But leave it to the extemely "devout" to reduce something so complex and transcendent to a black-and-white dichotomy. We associate hell with "down" and heaven with "up." Hell is supposed to be deep underground, which is a coincidence considering underground is where we usually put the dead to begin with. How convenient. But the devout of old didn't have the ability to shoot the bodies of the saintly into space, after all. Heaven and hell are thought of as places, which is a simplistic way of looking at the afterlife. (It's a little like reducing God to a very old, white-haired, white-bearded man wearing white robes and sitting on a golden throne somewhere in the clouds.) It's a big universe; I'd imagine God would put heaven farther away, if only to demonstrate how far we are from Him. I concede that the image of hell as a big cavern underground full of lava, flames, and huge vats of molten tungsten has its ability to scare people straight, but I don't think it's literally a description of hell. I don't think heaven is in the clouds. These are symbols of a person's spiritual state. And what about possible alien civilizations? Any discussion of afterlife must be more inclusive than our planet. I believe that heaven and hell are as real as our dreams. Obviously nightmares have the ability to frighten and terrify. They are real to the person experiencing them, and that's all that is necessary. Pleasant dreams have the ability to evoke wonder and awe, and that's an analogue to heaven. We will all get the afterlife that each of us deserve, irrevocably, even if it's not a place but rather a mental state or a spiritual state. Consider it a dream (or a nightmare) that you never wake up from. It's like being trapped in your own psyche forever. For the saints, that would be heaven. For the evil among us, I can think of no greater punishment than to be trapped for all eternity with nothing but their own black souls for company. And for the rest of us, perhaps something in the middle. We each get the afterlife that we deserve--which was the whole idea of the doctrine anyway, right?
  • I don't like this question, but I'll answer it anyways. I like knowing things, I like believing in things, whether you can see them or not. But what happens to you when you die....I don't know. I don't know if I believe in Heaven (I KNOW I believe in Hell) and I don't want to think about just...not being here. I don't want to think about living six feet underground for all eternity. So...the answer is, I have no idea. I have no idea what happens when you die, where you go, what you feel. I. Don't. Know.

    And I really hate that.

    Kisses, Becks
  • We just finished "Dead Man's Cellphone" at Theaterworks a couple of weeks ago. The play suggested that whe we die we "go straight to the person you loved the most, the very moment you decided you loved them". It also suggested that you only get one outfit, whatever you died in (my question is, what if you die naked?) and you go to the laudromat once a week with all the other dead people and wash your clothes naked. But mostly I'd like to believe I get to spend all of eternity with the person I love the most.
  • I thought I might have answered this - it is soooo my favourite type of thing to contemplate. Actually, someone in here has almost put it the way I think it works. I think since you cannot destroy energy and since I believe the spirit or soul that resides in us all, i.e.that which makes the shell that is our body live, that imbues each of us with actual life, personality, character etc. - I believe that is energy. And as I was saying, since science has proven indisputably that energy cannot be destroyed, that when one dies, their energy must go somewhere, so why not to a great collective, or 'holding station, or pen', waiting for the next thing. I don't believe in reincarnation in the strictest, purest sense, but I tend to have a theory that pure genius, or pure evil, for that matter - could very well be, accumulated consciousnesses. Imagine, if you will, a number of bright energies accumulating before they were assembled in one body/brain to produce an Einstein or a Margaret Mead. However, imagine that somehow, something goes awry and too many bright, but misguided consciousnesses align themselves, the amoral ones, and voila - Hitler, Mussolini,PolPot etc. It's just a theory but I think it's as good as anything else out there.
  • It depends on your faith, i guess...
    I believe in re-incarnation- a second chance at life.

    Sarah- For once Beth i disagree on that one! Sorryyyyy x Anyways i think that once you are dead thats it really, you lie in peace. I believe this because i dont have a faith! So There you go

    I'm going to ARGUE there, Sarah...
    WHY WOULD WE BE HERE!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! What is the meaning of life!?
    Why do we live for such short periods of time?
    I guess i believe in Re-incarnation because i'm afraid to die...
    (And call me Lau :P)

    Sarah- I think that we live in such short periods, because we are meant to do some good while we are here and leave the rest to be completed by our younger generations! Wow we have wrote alot beth we should go before we bore everyone with such a deep conversation lol :P

    Okay, good point. We'll leave it to the Lindt from here-on-in :P

  • Well boys and girls, I think that, when WE DIE, our bodies enter the stage of fresh decomposition.  The stomach bloats, all air and internal fluids and solids are released, and your face looks scary.  After a few days, we enter a beautiful place as we start to putrify, where you get stinky and bugs invade your entire corpse.  Oooh, looks like your eyes have just melted out.  Then comes black putrefaction, where all your gooies become dried out.  Then you go into fermentation.  Hopefully by now all your skin and tissues have liquified, dried out, and entered the soil to feed those little earthworms.  Once dry decay hits, all that's left of your entire lifetime is some dead bones and memories stored in the minds of the living! 

    And with that, I dreamily look fondly on the days when I believed in something more after death.  I envy religious people.  How NICE for you.  How SAFE and IDEAL your expectations are.  How LOVELY and beautiful are the visions you fabricated and expect to fully realize.  I'm spiteful, but truly am envious. 
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