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Close Encounters of the Celebrity Kind

Have you ever met a celebrity in real life? Who was it and how did your paths cross?

Answers (216)

  • Yes. My  mom and her husband took me and one of my besties to a independent wrestling event one night. We meet Shannon Moore. That night was the best ever, we meet Shannon, got his autograph, saw him wrestle in person. We were so excited that we were jumping up and down the whole night. Then as we were leaving we had to go the other side of the building to get to the vehicle, while looking around I noticed a window. Something told me to look in it and as I did I saw Shannon eating a sub while talking to some of the other wrestlers. When I saw that I did the most stalker-ish, fangirl thing to do... I screamed "OMG {insert besties name here} he's eating a sub." The funniest thing about that night is that I think they heard me scream!!!
  • I've had run-ins with a few celebrities, actually. I met Eric Clapton a few years ago when we were staying at the same Disney resort. I had NO idea who he was until it was over with, mind you. We saw this older dude rushing to get on the elevator with us, large bag in tow, I don't think my parents noticed. Anyway, I held the door open for him, and we started chatting. Meanwhile my dad is pretty much standing behind me going "O_O bwuhwbuhwbuh...." while we're talking. He is super, super nice by the way. We got off a few floors below him, he didn't have anyone helping him with his bag, so on and so forth. Didn't tip me off to anything. When we got to our room my dad FLIPPED OUT. "DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT WAS?!" "Nnnnooo... Some old english dude? Why?" "AMANDA THATS ERIC CLAPTON. ONE OF THE BEST GUITARISTS TO... [yadda yadda]..." I honestly didn't believe him until I ran back into Clapton somewhere around one of the pools and got his name from him. He actually spotted me first and thanked me again for the elevator thing. This was one of those instances where my dad being right and rubbing it in my face was a good thing. We also saw him AGAIN in one of the parks, freaking swarmed by people. That's when it reaaallly sank in, lol. I also met Mandy Moore, as her old manager/director was mine [sorta] back in the day. Part of what launched her into fame was him hooking her up with anthem and memorial performances around Florida [she grew up in central Florida], and I did the same for a while. She had stopped by the studio, I forget why, and I happened to be there too. He introduced her to a few other kids and I. She is STUNNING irl, and also incredibly sweet. Uhh, if political figures count then I've met GWB and his brother Jeb. Sang for a convention thing for the latter. Jeb is actually very kind, but was really rushed. GWB was different because we [myself and the group of kids I used to perform with] were singing at a christmas party of his, buuut it was 2001 and he had to be flown off for an intel meeting at the last minute. It WAS cool seeing him be taken away in a helicopter in a matter of minutes, lol. Anyway, when we were exploring the capitol the next day we caught him on his way around town, but with both parties being in vehicles with windows that do not roll down [at least, he didn't roll his down], he waved and mouthed 'thank you!' He struck me as a really dorky kinda guy. Dunno why exactly. Hahaha. Anyway! I think that's the first writer's block I've responded to. I guess I'm just that bored tonight. :P I KNOW there's more than that but those are the two that have stuck with me the most.
  • Idina Menzel, after a Wicked performance during her last week with the show in New York. We were waiting to get a few things signed and to give her an Elsie cow from RENT. Before she came out, we'd all been told that she wouldn't be posing for pictures or personalizing anything she signed, and she'd just be going through the line and then be gone. There were probably a hundred people outside wanting to see her. She came out, and was signing and smiling nervously and not really talking to anyone. People would hand her flowers and little gifts, and she would hand them to two ladies (her agents probably) behind her to carry. When she got to us, we handed her the first cow. She actually looked up at us, and said "They make these now?" I said yes, and she smiled and said "You know I don't get any money from these". I laughed and said she was probably right. She said it was cute though, and where did I want her to sign? Then she commented on the fluff of the plushy being too fluffy to write on, so she would just sign the cow's t-shirt. She signed and handed it back, then signed a few other things we all had. Then I handed her cow number two and told her that one was for her. She said "Oh my god, really? It's too cute! Thank you!" and smiled and tucked it under her arm to hold as she moved on. It was about then we realized that the entire rest of the crowd was glaring at us and we were likely to get mobbed by angry fans whom she didn't stop to talk to nor cuddle their gifts. We quickly squeezed through and left the area. I was highly entertained, and thrilled that she liked my present. XD
  • I saw Celine Delion in a shoe store. We were at Vegas and she was shopping for shoes. the whole store had to close just for her. lol i dont have any photos either but it was pretty intense. people were crowding the glass door asking for autographs and stuff lol 

  • Alaska Boys

    It might be sad or sound like a boast (it's not meant that way, trust me) but the celebrities that I have talked to, been friends with, etc, I couldn't list them all and how we met or the details of our friendships without taking up a day. To name a couple, Clancy Brown, Randall Wilkins, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kevin Sorbo, Elijah Wood, Vincent Kartheiser, Bryan Cranston, Alexis Arquette, and Danny Smith.
  • Have you ever met a celebrity in real life? Who was it and how did you cross paths?

    Yes. I've met Annasophia Robb and Josh Hutcherson on the scene of The Bridge to Teribithia. I was an extra in their class along with about 20 other kids and an extra in the playground out of about 200 other kids XD

    It was an awesome experience though, and I got payed $100 per day and worked 10 days. WOOT! That was at the beginning of 2006.

    Grr. My parents are going to Albany Mall and my dad failed to tell me sooner and he'll just get agro if I get ready, which would only take ten minutes anyway. He's so annoying! He had a spazz at me this morning and I literally did nothing. He blamed me and my iPod for not being able to hear him but it was on pause and I still couldn't hear him. I still don't know the reason behind his spazz. -_-

    I must continue to watch Phantom of the Opera now and then continue writing CII.

  • I have met Kahari Jones (Winnipeg Blue Bomber days). My mom rented him an apartment in our complex and helped him break into his own car when he locked his keys in, which I still find really funny. He was super nice.

    Then I met Mike Peters, the drummer of Cancer Bats, when they came for a concert here. It was after their concert and he was hanging around a bit after.

    When Disturbed came for a concert, I met all the guys from Art of Dying and Egypt Central, the 2 opening bands that came with them. Johnny Hetherington, the lead singer for Art of Dying, is SUCH a sweetheart. My friend Kat and I had a conversation with him for the longest time in between sets. Then after the whole concert, the rest of the band members came out and we met them too. Joey Chicago, the Egypt Central bassist, is such a good time; so is John Falls, their vocalist.

    Now I'm going to Taste of Chaos this Sunday, so I hope to meet Bring Me to Horizon, because I love those guys, and the rest of the members of Cancer Bats, especially Liam, because I think I have a small crush on him. hahaha.
    Then, next Monday, I am going to see Senses Fail, and I definitely want to meet them too, especially Buddy Neilsen, because he sooo adorable.

    UPDATE! (from Sunday, April 5th, 2009): I went to Taste of Chaos this past Sunday and met Oli Sykes and Matt Nicholls from Bring Me the Horizon, Liam Cormier from Cancer Bats, the members of Four Year Strong and Jamie Preciado from Pierce the Veil. It was awesome; they were all super nice. Good time had by all!

    UPDATE (from Monday, April 13th, 2009): I went to the Senses Fail concert on Monday and got to meet Buddy Nielsen. It was an awesome time!

  • I met Sammy Terry at the Harrodsburg Haunted House last year. He was a horror TV host here in Indiana. http://www.sammyterrynightmares.com/ I met him along with my boyfriend, that is. :)
    • Dom from TV childrens show in Primary school
    • couple of chinese celebs through my aunt in china ;)

  • I've met a couple celebrities while working at Starbucks. Noel Edmonds, Jimmy Carr some gadget show presenter and a guy from stargate atlantis.
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