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What's the best compliment you've ever received?

Answers (213)

  • "You're always there when I've needed you."

    I dont have a high sence of self worth but I always try to be a loyal friend and listen or give advice when I can.  I sometimes go out of my way helping either financially or just with my time when I can.  Just those words of appreciation can nearly bring me to tears though, there is nothing else in life that makes me feel better than knowing I helped someone I care about enough to make a difference to them.

  • When Master said I was the best He'd ever had. :)
  • Can't remember much. I think the most recent one was "You would make a good father". That's good to hear, since I really want to be a good father to my kid/kids. =]

  • A friend said i have beautiful eyes. My boyfriend said i he likes it when he buries his face in my hair and inhales.

  • Не знаю как на счёт лучших, но самые запоминающиеся - "Ты такая же как Эверест, красивая и неприступная " (мальчик, лет 14 ))) и "Хороший ты мужик, Ксюха, жалко, что баба" (дружище)
  • The best compliment? Well, the best one I think is... that ther's somebody, who like me just the way I am. =)

    Usually, they think of me as an annoying idiot. So, this is the best compliment that made me most happy.

  • According to my boss, I am 'agressive but approachable'.

    I think that's a great way to be described. I'm not very aggressive in real life (AT ALL ACTUALLY) but I think at work I just try and take no crap. People say at lot of things to me that I take as compliments though, even though they're probably not meant to be taken and stored in my 'compliment bank'. I get called vulgar and disgusting a lot. I just find that a challenge to become MORE vulgar and disgusting. Today though, I got an email from a dear friend and got the nicest compliment I've had in ages. Which was:


    Want to know what started that? Basically. I was bored at work and found this hilarious picture of a cat (that looks like an owl) and I pretty much spent the afternoon cutting that pasting that cat into unsuspecting peoples photos. I've done pretty much a billion. So, I decided to send him one of our old flatmate. Just randomly.

    She's probably going to get offended by this if she ever finds my blog. But she shouldn't because she wasn't alone in this cat-astrophe!

    In other news, I am pretty sure that I had a man cum in his pants while I was talking to him about handcuffs today. He was asking me questions and basically he wanted to feel soft ones. So I got out a few and he was touching one and then he kind of groaned and said quickly, 'I have to go' and walked out. Some people are so easy to please. He either came or was about to shit himself.

  • "This was extremely well written. Great job. I look forward to seeing more from you."

    HarHar.... Got me blitrzed out for two whole weeks. I'm really sorry for disappointing this person (you) though...

  • "You are the prettiest girl I know"
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