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Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?

Answers (244)

  • How horrible is that I don't have texting?
    It's soooo un-typical. I know someone's thinking "she's nineteen and doesn't have texting? WTF!"
    Can I retaliate with "it's no my fault"?

    ...didn't think so.
    I dunno, I wish I could text instead of having incredibly awkward phone calls. Especially with my phone, since my call drops pretty much ALL THE TIME. Also, it's awkward calling people for the first time, I dislike it majorly.

      That does take out the personal element though. 

      For the record, I use my phone to call and probably still would if I had texting... it sometimes works better. I think texting is better if                
    it's something quick and simple, then you don't have to wait for the ringing, or get the awkward position if you're calling a home phone      
    and the person you're calling isn't home. So i'd probably use texting more if I actually had the option. Which I don't. 

  • I'm a texter all the way.... all the way. I do enjoy the occasional talk on the phone, but to just check up on someone with a quick "what's up" or "how's it goin" is so much easier with a text. I'm also not gonna waste a minute of the expensive yet LOWEST minute plan just to find out that they're not even there or that they can't talk.
  • Im very quiet almost to the point of being mute sometimes.  Texting (IMs, not SMS) helps remove awkward silence and lets you think things thru before responding instead of just having to randomly spew the first thing to come to mind.  Also since I have a bit of a sporadic memory I like being able to read back in a chat history to things said moments or days before.  Of course private conversations just cant transmit the same level of emotion as text but for those I want to be in person, not on a phone.  So the phone loses no matter what.
  • i like both. if i dont feel like talking im texting. if im dying to tell somebody somthin im talking
  • Both? only sometimes.

    Texting is fun.
    Talking on the phone is only fun when theres something to talk about. lol

  • I much prefer texting. I usually run out of things to say when I'm talking to someone and then there's those big awkward silences that drive me insane! Also, when I'm trying to say something funny or sarcastic, I tend to jumble up my words lol When texting, things like that never happen!

  • I would be fine and dandy if I NEVER had to talk on the phone (when not at work) ever again! I think texting and IM is one of the greatest inventions of mankind!
  • I like texting, but talking on the phone you can explain more to the other person xD But overall I like texting :D
  • Люблю и то, и то.

  • I was just talking about this the other day, and i definetly prefer texting over talking on the phone. I think it's just the fact that i hate talking on the phone.....recently I was texting someone that i'd been talking to for a couple of weeks and then he decides to call my mobile. I was in a panic...I was sure I sounded like such a tool. So, I pretended i had bad reception and hanged up on him...which wasn't exactly a lie as I could not hear him. Since then he's called me another three times and I still do not like it. I PREFER TEXTING!!
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