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Writer's Block

In My Next Life I'll Be...

If reincarnation were inevitable, what would you come back as in your next life?

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  • Well that is a hard but interesting discussion to be honest, and truthfully I am not a 100% sure of what i would like to be but if i had a choice or even choices it probably be my favourite animals which are otters, wolves and beagal. I know what you are thinking the first two are quite understanderable otters are cute while wolves are powerful animals but a beagal? Well beagal i think are cute and intelligent dogs. I mean who wouldnt want to live a dogs life providing its nice owners dogs have a comfortable existance. So yeah I havent a clue what i want to be but if i did it would be either a otter,wolve or a beagal
  • If reincarnation were inevitable, what would you come back as in your next life?

    According to a Christian, since I am not religious, I will be reborn as fertilizer.
    Apparently, as fertilizer I will be grown into a mighty tree that will probably be cut down for other uses.
    After that was said, the Christian said: "Hey cheer up Sally! Better than burning in the pits of Hell for being a terrible Christian!"
    "But I'm not a Christian, I'm not anything."
    "You'll always be a Christian until you find another religion. No such thing as stopping."
    "What does being reborn into fertilizer have to do with atheists or agnostists?"
    "Beats me, that's why I'm Christian. It's either hell or heaven for me, have fun being a tree."
  • A rock......I guess.......
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  •  a penguin.  
    or a giraffe.
    or possibly, a monkey.
  • basilisk
  •  A better version of me. o_o
  • hahaha LAWL.
  • The question of my next life wont be what I'll come back as, it will be who. As I think I'll die when Im 60ish  stuff wont be alot different from now so I would like to come back as one of my great grandaughters or somthing.

  •  I would really love to be some sort of mangy city bird like a pigeon or a crow (Not a seagull. I hate seagulls.) for the following reasons:

    1) You can shit on people you don't like.

    2) People feed you.

    3) You can be scruffy/not wash for weeks and its all ok because no-one expects city birds to wash!

    4) You can spread deadly diseases to people who were mean to you in your past life.

    5) You can poo on expensive cars.  Humans can't get away with that, and believe me I've tried...

    6) You can ride on the top of buses and get free rides round the city (I've seen seagulls do this!)

    7) One word: DIVEBOMBING. 

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