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If Animals Could Talk

If you could ask your pet any question (and they could answer you), what would it be?

Answers (231)

  • do you laugh at my jokes?
  • "Am I doing a good job at taking care of you?" I ask my dogs this all the time. Sometimes I feel like I'm slacking off, because I let them out in the yard more often than I play with them and walk them around the neighborhood. Sometimes my little girl will look up at me with pleading eyes and I won't know what she wants, so I'll offer her several things, but it's never what she wants. Hubby says I pick favorites with our dogs, and I do... one whines less than the other, and so that's the one I like more. Things like these make me wonder if I'm tentative enough to their needs. It breaks my heart to think I've ever given my babies less than they've asked of me. They both had so little before I rescued them, and I feel like the little trivial things they beg for sometimes mean so much more to them, because they know what it's like to have nothing. Because I know what it's like to have nothing, and that's how I feel about shoes that fit, a warm coat, central heat and air... it all means so much to me, and seems so basic to everyone else. I wonder if I give my dogs enough.
  • "Why do you like Catnip?"
  • Where do you go all day? and 'Are mouse innards really that good?
  • The one question I would want to know is if they are happy with the way I keep them. I sometimes wonder if I am an inadequate owner. And I suppose that's something people suffer form when they are so connected to their pets, they are like children to them.

    Aside form that question, y dogs let me know pretty much when the toast pops out. When the timer on the oven is done. When food's on teh floor. If there's a snake in the yard. When it's time to eat. When it's time to potty. When it's time to play. When the garbage man has come to collect his pay or the garbage. When cats are at the window. When Rally pulls in teh driveway.

    And they do a find job of letting me know they love me.

  • Please, dogs, tell me if I picked the right day. And next time, tell me in advance. (Seen over at the LJ of .)

  • Uhm... Let's see, 'Why MUST you bark so much even when I scream 'STOP!!!''

    And for my other, 'why do you run into things? really paton.. is it oh-so necessary?'

  • "Do you like your name? If not, what should it be?!"

    I'm such a nice guy  =D

  • In the event that my Hamster could talk to me, I don't think I'd ask him any questions. I think I'd run screaming out of my house, yelling like a banshee, something along the lines of:
  • I would ask my sister's cat why she acts as if she can't eat her cat food while people are in the kitchen.  I don't care how hungry she is, if there are more than two people in the kitchen, she'll hang out in the hallway until everyone leaves then eat.  I'd also like to ask what is her problem with her owner sitting in the living room on the computer.  I thought my mother was joking when she said that Callie acts stank when Angel has been in the living room too long and will meow at her incessantly until she leaves.  Then I saw it for myself.  Excuse me, my sister can sit wherever the hell she wants.  If she wans to play on the computer, your job as a puss is to sit there and look gorgeous, not mean mug because heaven forbid if she's not paying you any attention.  My sister's cat is such a diva at times, it's not even funny.

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