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If you had to give up one indulgence for 40 days, what would it be?

Answers (234)

  • Работа, которая съедает меня... а я не могу остановиться сама.

  • Stacked question.  And self defeating.  I mean if i get to choose what im giving up, then its something I can obviously do without.  Now one thing id REFUSE to give up for 40 days is my Mt Dew.  Im not exactly a caffeine addict but its my beverage of choice and 2nd place is a far distant placeholder behind it.  So maybe I -should- try to do without pop for 40 days?  Just to prove if im an addict or not?  Naw i know im not.  So why give it up.

    *holds onto his 1litre bottle mumbling about his precious*

  • От сладкого... Давно хочу отказаться и далеко не по причине лишнего веса или заботы о здоровье... Привязанной я какой-то себя чувствую к сладкому, а эта привязанность не самая приятная... В общем, просто хочу освбодиться от привычки / навязчивой идеи и развить в себе какую-то другую, поприятнее

  • QUESTION: if you had 40 days with as much money as you wanted, what would you do?

    if it is difficult to tell from previous blog posts, my 40-day indulgence would be to travel the world. i am so interested in other cultures and other places, mainly because texas is not my place right now. i would want to go to greece, australia, france, costa rica, italy, spain, figi and there are places in the US that i want to go to as well like california, florida, hilton head island, new mexico, new york...i just would want to go everywhere.

    and if i had all the money in the world i would definitely want to SHOP in the foreign nations :)
  • Well, I know one that most guys would not be willing to give up, but thats another story. I would give up the internet for 40 days, and spend my time doing homework or something that seems productive.
  • шоколад
  • It would have to be fast food. It's just so damn easy to go out and purchase it instead of cooking. I'm getting better about it though. I cooked all last week.
  • If I had to give-up something for 40 days---I suppose I could give-up T.V. or my computer time. Then again, I'd probably go insane first.
    However, it'd be good to try it though--to see if I could actually pull it off.
  • chocolate
  • Probably caffeinated beverages.
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