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Adult Onset

Putting legal definitions aside, at what age do you think someone can really be considered an adult?

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  • I think someone could be consider an adult when it has the comon sense to identify wrong from right and being responsable of that comon sense and its acts...
  • i honestly think that your an adult whenever you start acting more mature
  • i think its more when they are able to support themselves may mean graduating from college, starting a career, moving out. When they stop depending on their parents. currently both of my uncles are living at home....one is living at home b/c he has never moved out, his parents are still his support system the other just got release from jail and his wife stayed in his apartment and ran up all the bills in his name. being at his parents is a temporary situtation while he waits to get his water, heat, ect turned back on (1000's of dollars) i see one as and adult b/c he relaize its temporary and is making progress the other i see as a "child" bc he think its okay and his right to have his parents do that. Same goes for my sisters. my youngest sister i see more as and adult. She working and living at home so she can pay for school in cash in a year or two, she seems to try to live with in my parents rules....the other and older one i see as still child...she quits her jobs randomly for stupid reasons, takes my moms car like its hers ect. i feel the defining moment for most is when they move out....for good...not college.
  • The moment they learn to be themselves without worrying about recrimination or judgement by other people or fitting into a group.
  • Honestly? 20. The first thing i realised when i turned 20 was that my life upto that point was basically preparation for real-life. I don't think you really start your life properly until 20s because you're so restricted and still learning what's what. I'm not pretending that now I'm in my twenties i'm the wise witch of the forest, nor am i belittleling moments of wisdom and clarity when i was younger-but i have not had much freedom and control in my life until now. Not only do i feel more in control, but more importantly, i feel the confidence to control it independantly. I just don't think you get that when you're younger.
    Although i am willing accept exception when it comes to younger people who have had to grow up quickly, though i think it's a pity they are forced so quickly out of childhood.

  • I think it depends. Some people can be mature and adult, even though they're only 12. Some people still aren't mature when they're 25. It's all about personal experience.
  • I believe once you drive your pretty much an adult, but I would have to say 20, 21 because thats around the time your starting your actual life and career, you can legally drink (not that its a big factor) some people even start families around that time.

  • A person is an adult when they are fully functional in their cage. They are independent, travel through their cage often and meet others inhabiting it. They have a plethora of experiences in their cage which increases their character and further increases their suitability and functionality in the cage. They only think outside of their cage if this can benifit others in the cage or increases their ability to function in the cage accepting the lack of freedoms pecieved as 'right' in the cage and fighting against those percieved as 'wrong'. The cage is their life and they are fully responsible in it ahering strictly to a 'useful role in the cage' and trying to maintain 'useful' qualities that help life in the cage. 

    An adult will make the best of the cage disregarding ideals that would lead to eventual escape or even plans for such. Their only nonconformist behavious are those percieved noncomformist by other nonconformists and anything else maybe irresponsible, childish or worse yet non-funstional.

    By my own definitions I am not yet an adult but I am on my way there.

    "I suppose society is wonderfully delightful. To be in it is merely a bore. But to be out of it is simply a tragedy."
    Oscar Wilde 

  • I think age is irrelevant. I don't one can say now you're 25, that means you're an adult.
    It's the thing about mental age, isn't it? Like a 15 year old can behave, talk and seem like a 25 year old and a 30 year old person can behave like a fourteen year old..
    For me, I think it's all in the mind, as George Harrison would have said it :)

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