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If you won the lottery, what would you do with your newfound riches?

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    I don't  play the lottery. 

    "Don't wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit." Proverbs 23:4


  •  nothing , make like i never won anything ,  i am a spend thrift guy
  • Id settle my parents debts and make sure their home and my sisters home are paid off completely.  Do the same for my Ex Wife (mother of my daughter, of course) then look for a condo or something for myself and get a fibre optic internet connection installed and a $3000 desktop and matching laptop built.  After that I would purchase a community home in one of the rental places on the beach.  The kind that after you buy the house they are willing to manage it and rent it out to other people when you're not using it and take a cut of the profits.  Heck id get two of them if i could.  I wouldnt worry about getting a new car until there is an affordable electric model available.  After that id purchase a bunch of 50,000$ savings bonds / CDs.  Enough so that my daughter, step son, neice and both nephews would be able to cash one when they graduate highschool, another at 21, another for *IF* they graduate from some post highschool education as a reward, and a final one they can cash in anytime after 25 to use with purchasing their first home.  A little pre-mortem inheritance if you will. 
  • Get my unemployed butt out of debt. I got laid off in Dec. and can not my a job for my old self. They look at me crazy when I go job hunting. I never anything from my resumes. I am sure I got laid off because of age more than economy. It was just a good time for them to do it. They kept ofher folks with less senority and did not give me a legit excuse. Just said they did not have a place for me. And did not say anything till I got up in their face. I did not become ugly , was just where they had to tell me something.
    And then take care of my children, if there was anything left.
  • KNOWLEDGE that I don't owe anyone (whenever that occurs) is EXTREMELY pleasurable. So, it's not so much what I would want to DO with lottery winnings, it's just the knowledge that I would have (virtually) unlimited FREEDOM to DO, that I would find most enjoyable.
  • 1.  Get a new car (I own a used one ATM) or a bike (like a Harley)
    2.  Find a good apartment so I don't have to live on campus anymore
    3.  Go on a shopping spree! (stock up on black leather, pumps, heeled boots, fishnets, converses and biker boots)
    4.  Take a long vacation somewhere
    5.  Get whatever else I wanted and just do whatever I wanted
  • A little late, but here are my photos from the Hanami picnic on Saturday! yay! There weren't a TON of blossoms, since it was a crappy year for the poor trees, what with our wonky hot and cold weather recently, but we manged to find one of the only places with trees and set up camp there, in front of the lake :) Awesome photos under le cut. Will and I embarked on CUTE-FOOD MISSION. We made little onigiri with faces and cute animal cutout sandwiches! On the bottom left are 's california rolls she made! Closeup of the weird designs we came up with Sammiches! We started the picnic around 12ish.. and her often MIA husband Mitch came by first <3 aaand they brought delicious mochi! aaand cupcakes! AAAAAAAAAAAAANd these amazing croissants that had hotdogs and cheese in them!!! GLORIOUS!!! After a bit, more and more people showed up! Notice how Mitch MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEARED FROM THIS PHOTO...! Left to right, Alcuin, , Will, , , , Greg, , and ! Some candid shots: Myself and True Mee :) I GOT A PHOTO OF MITCH! OMG HE _IS_ real! hahah! makes trees bloooooom! is a pretty, pretty princess. Will checks out his CAMERA SETTINGS. Ohhh fancy! showed up at the last minute in her BTSSB gear =D We saw some park rangers mucking about on horses! We all enjoyed them, except for Alcuin who is SCARED OF HORSES hahaha.. Ohh and here is when Mel and Eron finally rolled out of bed and appeared! Jawsome! Greg is also a pretty pretty princess. I think he and Jenny have been living together for too long mwuahah Will and I and MR. SUN. A doggy went to go play with the horsies and Alcuin have an epic mock-battle by the lake Will took a lot of these photos.. you'll notice her really enjoys taking romantic photos of Greg, haha... AND alcuin!these next 3 photos are HELLA out of some BISHOUNEN DATING SIM HAHHAHAHA. SOoooOooo romantic! Some various photos of the lovely people who showed up! Looks like is coughing up a lung here haha Hella epic photo of ! is like a little bird... GET OUT OF THAT TREE! Towards the end of the picnic, the sun got covered up and everyone got a mite chilly.. hehe I don't know why Will decided to shoot this all artistically in BxW, but here is Jenny attacking my leg. attacks Eron and Mel looking cute :) Latecomer poses for some photos :) And that's all! it was a really fab picnic, thanks everyone for coming! Next year, we must CHALLENGE the FUKUOKA CLAN! PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDARS! haha...
  • buy a new car,fix up the one i have, buy a house in full start a college fund for my kids "for when i decide to have them" and give money to all of mine and keiths family, and buy myself things ive always wanted, including a puppy =]
  • I would probably help my parents out a bit first, then I would probably ask Michael Jackson if he would be willing to sell any of the rights for the Beatles' songs. I would then put my funds into research for vegetarian jelly sweets, as there are none. I'll probably donate some.
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