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Writer's Block

In a Former Life

Do you believe in reincarnation? If your answer is "yes," describe some of your past lives.

Answers (228)

  • I've believed, at various points in my life, that I've been kings & emperors & such. And usually bad ones, like Caligula. I've also thought that I might've been Lewis Carroll. And I believe that I still have more lives to live before I'll reach the peak of my soul's existence. But I also believe that this life is my last life on this planet...I'll never be an Earthling again. I'm hoping to return to the hermaphrodite planet...the planet where my soul first incarnated. Incidentally, I've also believed that I'm responsible for a lot of the horrible things that've happened on this planet & all because I wanted a Catholic schoolgirl uniform & such a thing could not exist without Christianity & all the horrible things associated with it. However, if I'm willing to return to my homeworld without the Catholic schoolgirl uniform, I might - just might - be able to change history. Then again, maybe I'm just paranoid.
  • Finished and posted my first story for ! Whee! Said story is one I started in response to the writer's block below :D Anyone else get overpowering urges to respond to the writer's blocks with fic? Sometimes I can barely contain myself. Like this time... And our greyhound (who is 6 years old, has no idea how to sit, and we've never asked him to*) watched all the other dogs at obedience class, and suddenly started sitting! He will do it on command when he's on his couch now, and tonight, while I was out with him, when I asked him to lie down, he sat! Such a clever dog! *Racing greyhounds are taught from a young age never to sit, in case they sit down in the start box and miss the start of the race.
  • не отрицаю, что такое имеет место...ведь сам Пифагор изобрел целый метод по определению количества отведенных для нашей души жизней, как не странное пойдя сей заковырестый метод осознал, что проживаю последнюю (14-ую) жизнь!!!! сам был в шоке, когда это я успел?!?!?!
    жаль только не помню, как ты, ни сцены ни баталий никаких эпизодов с прошлой жизни...видимо они были не столь интересны что бы их запоминать....делаем выводы...прожить жизнь надо как в последний раз (это я про себя), что было что вспомнить))) тока вот проблема жтву то последний раз....
  • I believe that reincarnation is possible.  That does not mean I think it happens the way people think it happens.  I do not know about any of my past lives, nor do I even know whether or not I HAD past lives.  I question the reliability or honesty of anyone who claims they can describe their past lives.  I do not cancel out the idea that some people MAY know, but there are too many superficial and attention-seeking people in this world.  I'm not sure if I would have any reason to believe such stories, or believe in the character of any individual who would tell such stories.  Reincarnation is too huge a concept to even be touched.  i don't think our minds even have the capacity to understand it, if it did exist.

  • Yes!   I so believe in reincarnation.

    As for a past life---hmmm...

    I'd like to think I was either an artist or a writer of some kind. Or perhaps a scholar. Something that would connect me to my life in the present.
  • I have strange memories of places that i have a certain affinity for and places that i feel no connection to. based on this i believe that i was a pre-columbian native american, a pagan irish, a lower class western european peasant, and a late 1800's early 1900's russian. 

  • Yes.

    First I was a catepillar. A catepillar that was green and liked eating cheese and onion potato chips and could do a fancy little jig.

    Next I was a frangipani tree in the back yard of a very old man and i spent my days in the sun, growing tall and living high on life, until one day i was killed by a nuclear missile.

    Then I was the president of Old Zealand and was worshiped for my very large ears and excellent sense of humour until I died in 1561 in the first ever spontaneus combostion.

    After that I came back to the earth in the form of a leech and my life was short.

    I was then an Arabian princess who was wooed by a street rat who had been given the gift of a Genie and three wishes, one of which was to become a prince to marry me.

    My last life was Elvis.

  • yes, i definitely believe in reincarnation. I am not sure who I was in my past lives since i assume that we all lose our past memories once we are born into a new life. But maybe I was an artist in the past...or someone who loves the arts and everything that is artistic and creative, I'm not sure. :)
  • ya, and no clue about past lives. all i do know for sure is whatever i did do, i must have done something to piss the system off, because man my life enjoys taking a dive.
  • I don't actually, but i like to pretend i had passed lives which include:

    -A European doll collector
    -A princess that failed and got a sex change
    - An orangatang that was studied by Jane Goodal
    -The dinosaur in this picture: Click
    -a vulture
    -a tree that was made into a rocking horse
    -A knite
    -A student of Sophocles

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