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Sounds Good to Me

Persnickety, flibbertigibbet, lollygag—some words are just more fun to say. What's your favorite word?

Answers (259)

  • My kids got quite attached to 'defenestrate'. It means to fling someone from a window. In Jr. High and High School, if someone gave them a hard time, they might say "Oh go defenestrate yourself!" Since most often the person didn't know what this meant, they usually ended up walking away muttering. Simple way to deflect your tormentors: use language they are intimidated by!

  • If you have kids, you're familiar with Dr. Seuss.

    And, if you're familiar with Dr. Seuss, you're familiar with a fiffer-feffer-feff.

    That's my favorite character just because I like the sound of his name. 

    "Four fluffy feathers on a fiffer-feffer-feff." - Dr. Seuss

    Now then, over the years, we have revised the word fiffer-feffer-feff into: Fluffy Fiffer Neffer

    That's our word for anything and everything that's fluffy (and we love). A fluffy blanket, a fluffy pillow, a fluffy bathrobe, a fluffy stuffed animal, David Crowder's fluffy hair... Try saying it. You might like it.


  • "Cattywumpus" Some southern friends explained to me that it means at an odd angle or tipped over. Children with poor posture can be told to not sprawl there all "cattywumpus," or you can be told your do-it-yourself backyard fire pit is cattywumpus. It brings together two of my favorite things: funny sounds and cats.
  • Кукусик Ни разу не смогла ни произнести, ни даже вспомнить без улыбки :)

  • Mine's got to be embargo.
    An embargo is the prohibition of commerce and trade with a certain country, in order to isolate it and to put its government into a difficult internal situation, given that the effects of the embargo are often able to make its economy suffer from the initiative. It is similar to a blockade.

    It's also 'o grab me' backwards *grins*
  • You know what word I'm really lovin'?


    ....Starts with F....

    ....Ends with K.....

    ....You guessed it!......





    Awesome word!
  • Lackadaisical =]
  • Specific to this moment? Peculiar. But I'm a writer so it changes daily. OOOOOH! Know what other word I like? Asylum. Oh and matchmaker. And angst (fun to write too) and sin and believe and despondant and ghost and threads. Oh! Oh! And thrash and psychosis and....

    ...and I better quit while I'm ahead.
  • spoon, despicable,  obstreperous (only after i got called it by someone).
  • vaca is my fave word.
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