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Half a Glass

Do you consider yourself an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?

Answers (233)

  • I think im just -not- a pessimest.  I've very much a realist and its what I claim to be of the three options there, but being a realist makes you into an optimist as long as you keep a healthy mindset.  Being a realist lets you analyze the bad things in life and figure out what you have no control of and gives you the mentality to accept it.  And it lets you figure out what you DO have control of and make plans on how to work on it rather than just sit in dispair.  That kind of mindset leads to a very optimistic view on life as when you are dealing with the other (good) things all you have to do is enjoy yourself.
  • I am an optimistic pessimist. I can't avoid complaining, but I'm always hoping life will be what I want.
  • Extreme pessimist.
  • realist
  • I'm a realist. People tell me I'm pessimistic about a lot of things, but I'm really not...I just realize that not everything is perfect al the time, that sometimes things go wrong or cannot be fixed.
  • I am a realist.  
    I see things and people for what they are and not what I, or anyone else, wants them to be

  • Реалистом и похуистом
  • Myself? opTOMmist =] always happy, for some odd reason. some people think it's because i'm on something. i'm not, it's just me breaking open more sterotypes, i.e, the ones that all genisii are upset. and boyfriendless (i love you tom =]) back to the the future people! -Katepants!
  • Hum, I'd say a realist, I may lie to others on occasion, but I don't bother lying to myself. Half the time it depends on my mood though, happy and I'm optimistically-inclined, sad and it's the opposite, but I suppose that's how it is with most people.

  • The glass is both half empty, half full, and realistically I don't really give a care about what it really is for I can just drink whatever is in it without thinking much about it...

    I could say that I would fill it up until it was full...

    I consider myself somewhat of a combination of two of them. I mean generally I'm a pessimistic realist (if there is really such a type of person like that). I laugh at the general facts of life and how books make the problem much worse than it really is (even for poor). When someone dies I tend to laugh and be merry. You can't be sad because being sad causes you to hold back on the past. You always got to think about the future. Ok, I got off track there but I'm a mix of all three. The world isn’t as kind nor is life in general worse off than it really is. There is always a balance of the good and bad times of your life. They may not be life changing or they are life changing. They may affect you deeply. I’m a critic of myself therefore I’m somewhat of a pessimistic optimist or a pessimistic optimistic realist. Now, that doesn’t even make a load of sense right there but there you have it. I’m 1/3 realist, 1/3 pessimist, and 1/3 realist.
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