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Who is cuter: Bret or Jemaine?

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  • RHYMENOCEROS ALL THE WAY. ♥ Because he lost his right shoe. Because he bought a cup for $2.79 and tumbled their finances into turmoil. Because he's weedy and kind of shy, and I'm a girlie out there who's needy for a weedy shy guy. Because his beard is good. Because he's good at finding shortcuts. Because he has the coolest shirts and sweaters ever. Because he was in Lord of the Rings, HELL-O! Because there ain't no party like his nana's tea party. Because he formed a gang called 'The Tough Brets' and then reenacted Westside Story. Because he sells super straws for a dollar when they cost more than two to make in order to solve their debt. Because he doesn't know how to flip the bird (it doesn't have any wings! And it's only got one leg!). And because it takes him 1 minute 32 seconds to manage to flip the bird with both hands. Because he has a fantastic angry dance. Because she's so hot (like a curry!), she makes him sexist. Because he's a professional sign holder. Because his sugar lumps are sweet and white and highly refined. Because he was Frodo. Because he writes two-hour long songs and notes that take up entire legal pads. Because he was raised by a rapper and rhino that dated and subsequently procreated. Because he made gloves that look like his hands and a helmet that looks like his hair. Because he weaves his own trousers. Because he knows that women's rights is a woman thing. Because he's the mutha'uckin PARTY PRINCE, BOOM KING, and the RHYMENOCEROS, for god's sake! Bret, you got it going on. ♥ So yeah. You should all watch Flight of the Conchords. Because it's awesome.
  • I totally thought it his name was Jermaine, but either way makes sense. I think Jemaine is cuter than Bret. He has personality in his looks, and I loike his glasses. :D (He also kind of looks like me...)
  • Bret. I mean, come on. Look at that poster in the HMV downtown. Poor Jemaine, righ?


  • Even though I find both of them to be cute in their own way, I'd have to go with Bret because my best friend lusts over Jemaine and, well, Bret and I can have each other! lol. Plus, who doesn't love Bret's animal/character t-shirts and sweatshirts?? That's hot right there....
  • Jemaine. Mmmffpt.
  • Jemaine!! Yum!
  • Brett is obviously cuter. But Jermaine is just freaking awesome. Poor Conchords getting beaten by a dead comic for the award.

    Anyway, I'm back on the old work horse and working a grand 10 hours a day at the old Video Sleazy. It's fine. It's money so I'm very excited about that BUT when you only see 12 or so people a DAY, it makes for a very long shift. But it's fine. I've already had some 60 yr old guy asking me to come into the viewing booth with him! Ha! He was sweet, really. Another guy was telling me about his mate has a 'torch fetish', so I sold him a penis shaped torch. I have no idea what a torch fetish is. Google time.

    Mr Boss from Porn Land contacted me last night and I'm not getting my hopes up, but we're pretty sure that on my days off, I'll shoot some footage for the porno website. Sweet. But like I said, until I see paperwork, I'm not getting too excited.

    Hurry up pay day! I want pizza!
  • I would have to say Bret. He's so cute.
  • Jermaine is cuter, but I like Bret's personality more. So if I had to pick one of them to date, I'd pick Bret. (And is it just me, or does the lovely Miss Jacquie totally look like Mel?)

    On a related note, I'm going with some friends to see them live on April 28. I'm looking forward to it. I've only recently gotten into their show (thanks, students, for turning me on to them), but I've been catching up on all the old episodes.

  • it is most definitely Bret Im not gay for saying this Im simply a man diggin another man
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